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A Day of Inspiration with

In observance of 11/11/2011 (Friday, November 11, 2011) and the Oprah’s Life Class first semester finale, the BTS Contributors have planned a day full of inspiration!

A Day of Inspiration

First, instead of only posting one message, we will post multiple messages throughout the day and encourage you to pray and meditate at 11:11 AM, 1:11 PM and again at 11:11 PM. We encourage you to focus on what you WANT not what you don’t want. And to ask for God’s direction and healing blessings. You have the power!

Stay at Home By The Spirit TWEET UP!

The second event is our very first “stay at home” By The Spirit TWEET UP! Instead of organizing a traditional Tweetup (meeting in-person at a central location [coffee shop, museum, park etc.] to chat, tweet and connect), we are inviting you to join us virtually by watching Oprah’s Life Class with us online or on OWN (check your cable listings) and to tweet with us about your aha moments, reflections and lessons learned during the series and/or from blog posts.

[Click here for a preview of 11/11/11 Oprah’s Life Class Lesson #25: You’ve Always Had the Power]

Whether it’s your first Life Class or you’ve watched some or all of the sessions, join in on the conversation and let’s build community By The Spirit™! Remember, we are focused this month on spiritual, emotional and physical healing. So connect with SPEAK contributor, Erica Hawthorne, SHINE contributor, Tonya Evans and LIVE contributor, Dr. Kathy Walls. Plus special guests & surprises!

How to Participate:

  1. Check in or tune into Oprah’s Life Class at 8 PM Eastern (check your local listings) [Life Class Link]
  2. Watch the After Show with Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant LIVE [Life Class Link]
  3. Include the following hashtag in your tweets: #healbythespirit (and watch it).
  4. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and include @bythespirit in your tweets!
  5. *Bring* a friend and share this information with your family, friends and networks
  6. Questions, comments? Contact

We look forward to TWEETING you soon!

2012 Events coming soon!

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