BTS Live!

By The Spirit™ Live

Like The View … with a spiritual twist!


Join us as all four BTS authors come together for an engaging and affirming one-hour conversation! We’re taking our posts from the page and getting into a live real, honest, roundtable-style discussion about our themes and reflections.

Best of all, you can listen, learn and laugh via your phone and our conference line. And as a bonus you can even share your thoughts or ask questions if you’re so inclined.

We will discuss some of the hot topics from the By The Spirit™ Blog posts from each of our unique perspectives. And we will also have a special giveaway … so be sure to tune in to this debut BTS live chat and win!

Listen and get to know the voices behind the daily posts as we share insights and really bring our posts to life. Ascend with us to the next level of connection and interaction as we SPEAK, SHINE, LIVE and GIVE in the most essential way possible … By the Spirit™!

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