By The Spirit™ Past Contributors

Pennie Murray

Co-Founder and Past “Give” Contributor

Pennie Murray is an industrial psychologist, speaker, coach and author.  Certified in conflict mediation and a professional seminar trainer for over 13 years with several national seminar companies; she is passionate about inspiring individuals to move beyond their learned inhibitions and manage the emotional side of success.

Currently, Pennie is working on her second piece of authored work, an upcoming book “Giving Myself Permission: A Journey Towards Self-approval”.  Her first published work was “Asking for Richer Ground” (audio CD).  Both pieces of work are a testament of what it means to have a well-defined vision that enables you to reach beyond your limited circumstances.  She is also the creator and facilitator of Giving Myself Permission (GMSP) Clarity Workshops that offer combine guidance and coaching with proven psychological principles that lead to managing the feelings and emotions that frustrate your efforts towards success.

Visit her online at

Erica A. Hawthorne a/k/a “RhapsodE”

Co-Founder and Past “Speak” Contributor first arose as a brain burst shared by Erica and Tonya during a nature walk in the fall of 2009. Although Erica moved on in February 2012 to pursue her other creative brain bursts for a time, her contributions to live on forever and continue to be a blessing to this spiritual endeavor.

Erica is a seasoned performance artist, educator, actress, writer and founder of Spoke Inward Creative Consulting, LLC, a company that focuses on creating initiatives, products and programs that encourage others to reach for their fullest potential creatively, personally and professionally.

As a performance artist, Erica is better known as RhapsodE.  She has traveled the country and the world to various colleges, festivals, conferences, churches and venues sharing her music and poetry to entertain, educate and inspire.

It is her belief that “We must all work to heal the inside before we can expect to heal the world outside of ourselves.” This act of speaking inwardly is what Erica believes is the source of our strength and spiritual growth.  “It is our inner conversations that inspire the beliefs and actions we express outwardly,” she says, “and these words have the power and potential to infuse us with great abundance and growth.”

This foundational thought was the inspiration for Erica’s debut album Spoke Inward and continues to be the root of her creative and personal work.

Erica was the original contributor for Speak … By the Spirit™.

Grace Ste. Croix

Guest “Give” Contributor

Grace Ste.Croix is a writer, entrepreneur, personal coach and a motivational speaker in Canada. She writes for a number of international magazines on subjects including personal growth, health and wellness, and current events. She uses her legal experience in her writing to dissect current issues, and apply a number of possible answers for hard questions. As an animal rights campaigner, she strives for tougher laws on animal abuse and encourages their adoption from humane societies and animal shelters. As a personal coach, Grace helps her clients obtain their goals and become stronger both physically and mentally.

Jerricia J. Ulmer

Guest “Learn” Contributor

Jerricia J. Ulmer is a teacher, presenter, and college advisor who believes in empowering students for success.  She is founder of The College Consultant, a firm that helps students of all levels and ages find the right colleges and prepare for success.

With 20 years of experience in the education field, Jerricia views life as a “school,” whereas by the grace of GOD, we are given numerous chances to learn all of the lessons HE has for us.  But a key to that, she highlights, is taking the time to sit still and acknowledge the voice of Spirit.

Jerricia makes a conscious effort each day to live increasingly By the Spirit, and encourages others to do so, as well.

Jerricia is a guest contributor for LEARN … By the Spirit.

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