Intro to Speak

About Speak … By the Spirit™

Welcome to the SPEAK section of By the Spirit! Where the message here will always be one of encouragement to speak your purpose, passion and best self into existence! Your words are powerful tools to living By the Spirit! ~ Erica A. Hawthorne

We’ve all heard the saying that “Words are Power!” We’ve heard people speak of “word magic” and know from history the influence of incantations, prayers and dirges in the healing process of many cultures. Songs and poetry have also been instrumental in their ability to give people the power of self-expression necessary for reflection and growth.  Our inner-speak, the conversations that happen on the inside, hold the magnificent power to change our outside world.

As a poet and writer, I have used my gift with words to remind others (and myself) of our deeper purpose. Words can indeed heal and inspire. They have brilliant power to move us out of our inner shadows and into the light of purposeful living. I know that when we learn how to speak to ourselves with Love and hear the voice of Love, that we can infuse the other aspects of our lives with abundance.

This section is dedicated to encouraging you to SPEAK, both inwardly and outwardly, with authenticity and courage.

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