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Although the physical manifestation of By The Spirit™ came about in 2009, the foundation, energy and motivation behind the site is made up of centuries old knowledge, wisdom, love and compassion. Our contributors are as diverse as they are dynamic: a professor, psychologist and artist, as well as guest contributors from across disciplines and borders. Each By The Spirit™ author offers a unique perspective to the conversation about purposeful living that includes candid perspectives of how to live a life that honors one’s fullest potential.

By The Spirit™ is a spirit-led project envisioned by four women who were brought together by friendship and family ties and who share a collective vision to help others realize their best selves. Each woman’s passion and focus on helping others live a full life was readily apparent in their creative and professional projects. From this awareness, they came up with four approaches to actualizing a life of purpose: Speaking, Shining, Living and Giving.

The next step was to develop a medium from which to share their understanding of how to access these areas of their lives in authentic and meaningful ways.  It had been true in their own lives, and the lives of many others, that in order to live a life filled with such purposefulness as to speak, shine, live and give, doing so by the spirit brought the ultimate reward of interpersonal growth and development. And so, ByTheSpirit.net was born.

Each month By The Spirit™ will feature a “life-focus” topic, and each author will share weekly thoughts, practices, inspiring words and helpful information according to their specified theme of Speaking, Shining, Living and Giving.

Welcome to a space of intention and creative purposefulness as we all Speak, Shine, Live and Give in the most authentic way we know: By the Spirit!

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