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Awaken the Creativity Restlessly Sleeping Inside You!

April 28, 2013

© 2013 Tonya M. Evans

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If deep down in your heart, you love to sing and you never use your voice, it will speak louder in your subconscious, questioning your sense of self. If you love to write stories or poetry and you never put ink on the page, you’re going to feel that unused talent scratching away at you within.

Thoughts, emotions, and creativity are all forms of energy. Energy is meant to keep moving and when we stop its flow and keep it stuck, it intensifies. If we keep this up and keep it in for too long, that stale energy can wreak havoc spiritually, mentally and emotionally. And this stress definitely takes its toll on our bodies.” Chris Assaad, from Share Your Truth and Set Yourself Free!

I recently heard Dr. Brené Brown say that creativity unexpressed doesn’t remain dormant in our bodies but that it becomes toxic as unreleased energy. She also believes there aren’t “creative and uncreative” people in the world but rather those with the courage to be vulnerable and share and those who succumb to fear. I believe we all vacillate between the two extremes based on the choices we make from day-to-day and moment to moment.

When we choose not to develop and share our creativity in any given moment we license over to fear the highest part of our connection with SPIRIT (i.e., our ability to CREATE in the image and likeness of the ultimate CREATOR). And when we chronically hand our divinity over to fear in this way, day after day, our lives reflect and manifest our creative stagnation.

The good news (Lord knows we need some!)? It’s reversible! Why? Because we begin to CREATE a new reality and experience the moment we make the choice to create and to share our creativity with others. Simple, but admittedly not always easy. The consequences of yielding to fear where creativity is concerned, however, is serious business.

“Unused creativity doesn’t just disappear. It lives within us until it’s expressed, neglected to death, or suffocated by resentment and fear.” Dr. Brené Brown

It’s a sobering thought to be sure. But also an empowering one.

The beauty is we get to choose. In the moment of our choice to honor our creative abilities, we empower ourselves, bless others and honor God. The ability to effect this type of change is itself the essence of spiritual creative power!

The choice is ours and our creativity is the only unique mark we leave on this earth, the only thing truly born of our unique abilities, reflections and perceptions. The meaning we experience in, and give to, our lives.

Fear of judgment and criticism by others often keeps us from sharing our creativity. But it’s second to the judgment and criticism we heap on ourselves. Seriously, why are we so mean to ourselves!!??

So today practice some radical self-acceptance and self-care (READ: self-love). Create Something. Anything. From artwork to a poem to a meal. Rearrange furniture, break out some old skool crayons, create delicious green smoothie or even a proper cocktail!  Just don’t wait. Don’t over think. Don’t seek permission. Just do it!

And then … here’s the best (most courageous) part … SHARE it with someone you love. Not to receive positive affirmation. Just to experience the process of freeing the pent-up creative energy inside that needs sweet release.

AWAKEN and release the creative energy inside you. Free your creativity and the authentic life you desire WILL follow. It’s a spiritual law! More from Brene Brown: “To Live a Creative Life”

Where to begin? Here are 20 tips to AWAKEN your creativity!


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