SHINE: Awaken by the Spirit — Tap Into Your Intuition

SHINE … By The Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Tap Into Your Intuition

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March 3, 2013

“In this busy multitasking rush everywhere world, your inner spirit may be your strongest ally. It is connected to a vast reservoir of pure wisdom, love and peace.  You can access and connect with your spirit through your intuition. When listened to, your intuition can be a remarkable tool for juggling all of the demands which greet you each day.”

~ Sherrie Dillard, ~

thinking praying manYour intuition — born of your soul’s inner wisdom and divine guidance — is one of the most essential spiritual gifts and capacities you possess. Your intuitive sense is where your “wisdom whispers” are born and how Spirit helps to inform your co-creative decision-making process.

Intuition kicks in, for example, in that moment you first meet someone. It’s that feeling  you get that gives you valuable feedback about whether they mean you harm or good, whether they are tuned in or checked out, and of course, whether you should draw closer or run like hell in the other direction. It’s the moment of spiritual knowing at the cellular level before our brain has a chance to label, sort and instruct.

We all possess an intuitive sixth sense. But our fast paced, mind-numbing world has also done a number on our ability to get quiet and still enough to discern intuitive Divine wisdom from the rest of the chatter. And even when tuned in, the histories (or herstories) and emotional baggage we carry may have devalued intuition in favor of a fact-based, analytical “have to see it [or prove it] to believe it” view.

“The soul uses a variety of methods for communicating with us but the most direct route is the way of intuition.” Natasha Dern

Logical, analytical, objective reasoning has its place but they are far from divine intuition. They are what you learn. Intuition is what your Soul was born knowing. Intuition taps into Universal knowledge of the “evidence of things not seen, knowledge that does not rely on our five-sensory perception. We may not see, hear, touch, taste or smell it … but our capacity to know involves more than those senses. Our sixth is our most powerful sense. So it’s worth to taking time to uncover and understand its Wisdom.

Here are some tools and tips to get you started:


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