SPEAK: Awaken By the Spirit — Repeat after me … “I AM WORTHY” (then repeat again)

SPEAK … By The Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Repeat After Me … “I AM WORTHY”

© 2013 Tonya M. Evans

March 17, 2013

womaninmirrorThree simple words, “I am worthy”. But so challenging for most of us to SPEAK and to acknowledge. Owning our self-worth, however, is the only way to tap into, AWAKEN and activate our spiritual power.

Without recognition that we were made in the image and likeness of the Divine — and are therefore worthy of all that God is — we cannot be a reflection of God’s Light and Love here on earth. We also cannot expect others to acknowledge in us what we cannot embrace.

The best (and only way) to teach others about your worth is to show by example in the way you treat yourself. People will see your worth when you walk and talk confidently and fearlessly in the light of your own personal spiritual power.

Don’t shout it from the rooftop, though. No chest beating or neon signs necessary to prove your worth. Don’t shame, blame, bully or guilt others into recognizing your worth. Remember others are not the issue — it’s how you feel about yourself that matters. A silent whisper will do. Administered early and often, as needed. Like a spiritual vitamin when you’re feeling deficient in the vital area of worthiness.

This truth reminds me of what Les Brown used to say: “What you think of me is none of my business.” What is my business, however, is how I view myself. So today name and claim your own worth.


When we AWAKEN to our divine nature we activate Spirit and we co-create a more authentic experience in this divine assignment called life. We don’t have to accomplish anything to prove our worth. There’s no way to “earn” our worth, not our divine worth anyway. We need only acknowledge and affirm, in gratitude and thanksgiving, who we are (a divine being having a human experience) and Whose we are (a child of The Most High).

You are not broken or in need of fixing, only LOVE. Self love born of self-worth. So repeat after me … “I AM WORTHY”.

Below are some words of wisdom from Robert Holden about how to start naming and claiming your self-worth today!

Today is a good day to practice self-acceptance.  How to begin?  Make it your intention today to love yourself rather than trying to improve yourself. Cultivate an attitude of loving-kindness to yourself all through the day.  At some point in the day, stop and ask yourself: “What does it feel like to be me when I’m not trying to improve myself?” When you do this, you will truly meet yourself, and you will experience yourself to be in the presence of an angel. << Read more at TheDailyLove.com >>


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