SHINE: Manifest By The Spirit — 7 Ways to Get Your Happy Back When You’re Feeling Blue

SHINE … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

7 Ways to Get Your Happy Back When You’re Feeling Blue

© 2013 Tonya M. Evans

January 28, 2013

Now that we are knee-deep into the new year, it’s time to switch from contemplation to manifestation!

The message below is guaranteed to support you in making the shift with some “right on time” advice from The post offers 7 things you can absolutely, positively let go of or do right now in order to get your happy back.

“Really?”, I hear you say. Yes, really! Happiness. Right now. And for the rest of your life. What a novel idea … and all by the Spirit!

Exhale, affirm, manifest … repeat!

Love & light,

Seven reasons to be happy even if things aren’t perfect now!

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