SHINE: Prepare by The Spirit — How to Prepare to Follow Your Bliss

SHINE … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

How to Prepare to Follow Your Bliss

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December 9, 2012

“You don’t want your happiness to be conditional upon the behavior of other people. It’s bad enough that your happiness is conditional upon your own behavior. When you start making it conditional upon other people’s behavior, you’re in serious trouble.” ~ Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul ~

womanonbeachJoseph Campbell’s famous life creed is “follow your bliss”. And what is bliss, you ask? It is defined as supreme happiness, utter joy, paradise … heaven.

I view Campbell’s creed-turned-call to action both as an opportunity and a responsibility. Michael Singer’s quote above speaks directly to that responsibility to follow your own heart and not to hitch your wagon of bliss to the whims, wishes and behaviors of others. In my poetry, I express the sentiment this way:

Find your OWN shine!

~ Tonya Marie Evans, Seasons of Her & SHINE ~

Whether it’s following your bliss or finding your own shine, underneath it all is that divine directive to take charge of your life by going where your soul’s desire leads you. And when you tune into the voice of spirit cleverly disguised as the bliss that beckons you, you will (re)connect with your destiny, your very reason for being here and now.

The operative word? “Your“! Because no one can live your life for you, although many will try to live vicariously through you. And no one can lead you to your bliss or find your shine for you. That assignment is yours and yours alone.

Michael Singer’s words also confirm what my heart knows to be true; I don’t have to wait for bliss “someday” because my bliss already exists. Experiencing it in the present moment requires only that I remain faithful to that unique, unbridled joy and that I surrender to it and trust it will lead me on my specially made & divinely inspired path that is my life, my joy, my bliss … my SHINE.

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