SHARE: Gather By The Spirit — Gather your Strength and Overcome Your Fears

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The Secret to Surviving Life’s Low Points by Martha Beck

When things fall apart, your urge is to do something—anything—to put them back together. But what if you can’t do that right now? Martha Beck on the hidden blessings of life’s little low points.

“Ruined plans and unfulfilled expectations remind us that we have little control over most situations, and that our very lives are—I’m sorry, but it’s true—temporary. This scares us so much we resist every downturn, from a demotion to a breakup, as if it were death itself. We clutch at straws, passionately embrace denial, or pretend things won’t go wrong (even when they already have).

These options—trust me, I’ve tried them all—don’t work.

If you’re going into a valley, do what you did as a small kid on the big shiny playground slide: Let go and ride it down. Accept that what’s happening is happening. Then immediately implement step two:

GATHER your personal power, tap into Spirit’s strength and overcome your fears!


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