SHARE: Prosper By The Spirit — “We are rare, not perfect.” from Mark Nepo

SHARE … By The Spirit™

September 30, 2012

by Tonya M. Evans, SHINE … By The Spirit™

In today’s SHARE, the Mark Nepo quote reminds us that PROSPERING does not require perfection; but surrender to the perfection of our imperfection.

We PROSPER when we embrace the beauty of who we are today rather than the idea or ideal of who we think we should be tomorrow (a day that may never come). “Be here now” and PROSPER where you are planted. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

“With our hands full of groceries, our heads full of things to do, our hearts full of memories, and our dreams full of plans, we tend to think if we could only get away or finish crossing off the things on that list, if we could only undo what has been done or do what needs to be done, we might then live more completely, more perfectly. But we are human beings, flawed colorful beings that eat plans and memories for food.

“We are in moments pure and ageless as light, and with the very next breath, we drop things or bruise the treasures of a lifetime. We need to soothe ourselves, not blame ourselves. We are rare, not perfect, and seem destined to know all there is briefly, only to pound it into bread.”

Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening (9/30 entry)

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