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GIVE … by the Spirit™ Guest Contributor — Grace Ste. Croix

The Thriving Woman

© 2012 Grace Ste. Croix

July 26, 2012

The woman who THRIVES is a species that is not identified by class, culture or color. She has no particular age or educational background. She may have a different religion or creed then her peers but there is one commonality to today’s thriving woman:

she has a voice.

She may be the proverbial homemaker raising children or taking care of ailing parents. She could be the working woman, a force that drives a company to success. She may be retired and share her knowledge with her family, friends and community. No matter what figurative hat she wears, she is strong, proud and takes care of what is hers and cares about sharing her gift of THRIVING with others. She is a strong woman.

Her mother and grandmother came from times where women did not have much of a voice. Her matriarchs may have stood up to the right to vote or fight for other freedoms such as employment equality or the right to be educated along with men. Her matriarchs have raised her well as a sister soldier in the fight for basic freedoms.

Now stands their beautiful creation: the thriving woman.

With experience as her sword and her femininity as her brace, she battles for her claim in today’s fast paced world. She battles and wins. She can do it all with a lot of work and determination. The THRIVING woman can be a nurturer, a child caregiver, the graduate, the boss, the philosopher. The THRIVING woman is confident in her ways but open to new possibilities. She builds up her sisters who may have not reached this utopian thought and does not try to put them down for not making the journey just yet.

The THRIVING woman is the path to tomorrow’s female youth. She exudes natural beauty, both inside and out.  She is positively, divinely feminine.

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  1. Love It and Right on Time!!!
    Thanks Grace 🙂

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