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Remove The Mask, Find Your SHINE!

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June 30, 2012

“[T]he cost of being who you are is that you can’t possibly meet everyone’s expectations, and so, there will, inevitably, be external conflict to deal with — the friction of being visible. Still, the cost of not being who you are is that while you are busy pleasing everyone around you, a precious part of you is dying inside; in this case, there will be internal conflict to deal with — the friction of being invisible.” ~ Mark Nepo

Mark Nepo’s reflection found in The Book of Awakening (1/17 entry) speaks of the internal angst and friction of being invisible; that is, of not allowing yourself to be the full and divine expression of all you were created to be.

His words struck me as so very poignant and true. All too often we lose sight of who we really are (our likes, dislikes, longings and dreams) because we work so hard to bury, hide, alter or otherwise compromise who we are and the things, people and outcomes we truly desire.

The point is well made. The price we pay for being ourselves … or, more importantly, the price we pay when we don’t live authentically, is significant (and this, my friends, is an understatement). And with each year, day and moment that passes in my own life I realize the cost isn’t worth the loss. Removing the mask is simple, but it isn’t easy. Still, it begins with a desire to CREATE space for the real you to emerge.

So today, get quiet, get still and get to know the real you. The divine one obscured behind the mask. The one who is afraid to say what he or she wants, needs and feels for fear of rejection (or even fear of success!). The one Debbie Ford refers to as the Shadow Self.

Although the possibility of being rejected by those who wish you were someone else is painful the reality of rejecting yourself is emotional suicide, the type that allows promising fruit to wither on the vine.

Take off the mask and take up your spiritual arms. Prepare yourself for the natural friction that results when who you are is at odds with expectations created by others or by you that are not in line with your real spirit, soul, purpose and passion. CREATE the necessary space in your life for the real you to SHINE through.

It all begins with a simple affirmation. I AM! Know that you are larger than your circumstances, larger than someone’s definition of who you are or should be, and larger than your own biggest fear or perceived limitation. Simply put, it’s time to SHINE! Please share in the comments section the ways you intend to SHINE on PURPOSE.

Here’s some more encouragement to help you take the first step toward your awesome glow!

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2 Responses

  1. T. Marie – This is excellent, right on point. More and more I find frustration with trying to live life like a fly on the wall. Thanks for encouraging us all to SHINE.

    • Thanks for the comment! Removing the mask is a process, not a destination. And in each moment we can choose to reveal more of who we are or honor who we are authentically so we can live the life God intended. So it’s all good!!! One moment at a time. ~ Peace, Tonya

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