SHARE: Create By The Spirit — Sarah Ban Breathnach on creating an authentic life!

[Source: via Super Soul Sunday 6/10/2012]

“Do you ever feel like something is missing from your life and your relationship with yourself? Sarah Ban Breathnach (best-selling author of Simple AbundanceSomething More and The Peace and Plenty Journal of Well-Spent Moments) once felt that way too, but she discovered a way to find her authentic self through quiet joys, simple pleasures and everyday epiphanies.“In 1985, Sarah was injured when a ceiling tile fell on her head at a restaurant. She spent more than a year partially disabled and unable to continue her work as a professional writer and radio broadcaster. During this time, Sarah began feeling grateful for small pleasures in life and soon began writing her observations in a journal, which became the basis of her best-selling book Simple Abundance. Gratitude, simplicity, order, beauty, harmony and joy are at the center of Sarah’s creative and spiritual principles, and she’s led millions of women down her path to ‘simple abundance.'”

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