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SHINE … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Let Integrity Be Your Guide

© 2012 Tonya M. Evans

May 24, 2012

Integrity CompassHaving integrity means being GUIDED by a personal moral leading that whispers constantly to you to do the “right” thing, even (and especially) when no one is watching. Integrity is an act of courage. It’s saying what you mean and meaning what you say, even when it’s difficult to do so.

Too often we shrink away from the truth under the misbelief that we are helping someone else by standing between them and the truth. We can all look back over our lives and identify the ways both big and seemingly small we took the easy way out and delivered “a little white lie”. We think it’s safe, expedient and harmless because, after all, “what people don’t know won’t hurt them, right?” Wrong.

The reality is telling the truth and living with integrity actually honors and empowers both participants in any given communication. Because communication is a powerful form of energy exchange, speaking the truth in love  gives the recipient the divine opportunity to respond from a place of strength. It also allows the speaker to stand firm in their truth; that is, to say, do and be exactly who they are — courageously. Both parties, in turn, have the opportunity to grow. This may not be easy in our “what’s in it for me” society focused on what’s best for me not we, but it is definitely simple. And divine.

Need to bone up on living with integrity?

[Here’s where everyone reading this says YES!] Use the resource below from to get started. Reflect on the ways you’ve shown up with integrity (so you can celebrate the victories!) and also on the ways you’ve fallen short of the mark (so you can learn from your missteps, say mea culpa and move on). Then plug into your divine guidance and resolve to live with integrity in every aspect of your life … one thought, word and deed at a time.

“Life coach Cheryl Richardson says that if you are not living with integrity, your goals become hard to reach, you attract people that make you feel bad, and you lose your trust in yourself. If you feel you are out of touch with who you want to be and are breaking promises to yourself, use the three steps offered by Cheryl to restore your integrity!”

Three Steps To Living with Integrity by Cheryl Richardson

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