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The Divine Path!

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May 14, 2012

 Picture taken by Dr. Kathleen E. Walls

When I took this picture, I did not see the golden light that is prominent in the front of the picture.  I thought I was just taking a picture of the beautiful trees.  I remember walking along Kelly Drive in Philadelphia and being “led to stop” and take the picture.  When I returned home and uploaded the pictures, there was the light.  To me the light represented the Divine Path.

Over the last few months, I have been watching the evolution of my life and career along my Divine Path.  Recently, on this path, I have been guided to research and become “comfortable” with a particular life topic.  Just like the light in the picture, I didn’t see it “coming” but it was right there all the time.  As noted on the front page of By the Spirit, “Being GUIDED implies a sense of surrender and also requires a great deal of faith, especially when you are being led in a way or direction that is neither clear nor comfortable; or to some destination other than where you originally planned to go.”

For over 15 years, my mother asked me to focus on “grief counseling”.  My response was a simple yet clear “No”.  However, within the last three months, there has been a trend with the clients I have been “assigned” to work with as well as a trend with family and friends.  Each of them has been dealing with the death of a family member.  Some of these losses are pending, some have been expected, and some of these have been unexpected, sudden, and abrupt.

The frequency and rate that this topic was emerging in my life and the consistent “presence” of death, “forced” me to recognize that I was being guided to explore, research, become familiar with, and revamp my concept of death.

In psychology, we are taught that “death” is an existential concept, that death is a part of our existence that needs to be talked about and explored.  My mother has been known to say, “as soon as we are born, we start to die.”  Thus, I was raised with a very practical view of death and the awareness that we experience different kinds of deaths/losses.  Death/loss occurs with family, friends, relationships, pets, etc.

Death and loss is a concept that we talk about openly as well as explore the emotions that arise with each experience.  This is not to say dealing with the death of loved ones is “easy”, it is just to say that we speak about the impact and influence of each person in our lives openly and “keep them alive” by continuing to talk about their life even after their physical presence is gone.

I emphasize physical presence to highlight that we consist of more than just this presence.  We also have a spiritual and emotional presence as well, which I usually refer to as the “essence” of the person.  When someone dies, we are not able to touch them, hug them, or kiss them in the physical sense but we are often still able to feel them, hear them, and sense their presence in our lives.  Just as when you are out of the physical presence of a living person, you might hear someone laugh who sounds like them, you might smell something that reminds you of them, or you are overcome with the love that you feel for someone who is not currently in your physical presence…the essence of that person is with you and you feel it.  This essence does not die with the physical presence.

When we experience death, we are asked to move beyond using our original five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste).  When someone dies we are no longer able to “touch” them in the physical sense, yet at times we are still able to hear them and smell them.  Sometimes we are even able to see them.  This sight might come in our dreams, seeing someone who reminds us of them or having a clairsentient experience.  As humans, we tend to rely on our five senses to determine what we “consider real”; however, we also have a sixth sense, which gives us access to a larger reality, and a greater understanding, awareness, and appreciation of our life and death experiences.

As we continue on the Divine Path we will be most likely be led to and through many unfamiliar experiences, deaths, and losses, which include loss of the familiar, loss of family and friends, loss of relationships, and even loss of beliefs of how things are “supposed to be or go”.  However, when we follow the Divine Path and allow ourselves to be guided by the Spirit we are putting our trust and faith in something greater than ourselves as well as believing that we will end up right where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there.

When we are guided by the Spirit, we open and allow ourselves to continue living even when we experience death.  We allow ourselves to experience “Life after death”.

God Bless and continue to Live By the Spirit!

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