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Resolve. Commit. Just do it!

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February 15, 2012

Celeste J Borden cheering for Eagles Sept 2009

My Nana cheering for the Eagles in her favorite Vick jersey Sept 2009

Today many of us will fuss over what outfit to wear, complain about the long line at the coffee shop or whether we have enough battery life left in our mobile devices to check Facebook or Twitter all day at work.

We will engage in elaborate conversations about what drugs Whitney may have taken before dying an unceremonious and untimely death and whether somehow it was Bobby Brown’s fault. We’ll conjure up CSI-like theories about whether “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Taylor’s husband killed himself or was murdered in some nefarious business deal gone bad. And, of course, we’ll pour over the polling data about whether “a woman’s place is in the home” Santorum’s recent surge will hold over Mitt “house and ideology flipping” Romney through March.

Yes, at some point today many of us will undoubtedly engage in moments of meaningless thoughts, waste spoken or written words on mindless topics or fail to do something really important because we are distracted by frivolous things, things over which we have no control and things that have no real impact on our lives – other than, of course, keeping us from participating fully in them.

Meanwhile my 94-year old, mostly bed-ridden Nana will be wondering if she will be able to summon enough strength, confidence and energy to make it out of the bed she’s been in for almost a month on the second floor of her two-story home to the doctor’s office and back in one piece.

She has a singular focus this morning on surviving and thriving; no small feat at this age and stage of life. Despite all of her concerns and anxiety (and ours!) of all the things that could go wrong, she’s committed fully to trusting in God, family and her care providers. She continues to live her life, to desire and strive to attain the best quality of life possible. She maintains this mindset even when it requires that she literally step outside of her zone of comfort. With each challenge, she makes up her mind as she’s done for 94 years. Just do it.

Watching the dignified, fearless way my Nana approaches each moment of the day has led me to renew my own commitment to JUST DO IT, to be about the business of finding new things to do and remembering old things as yet undone and just doing them. To press on even and especially when I feel alone (or lonely), unsure, unprepared or ill-equipped.

I know that God, the Inspiration of my desires, has lovingly written them on the tablet of my heart and is conspiring with me and supporting me in reaching my fullest potential and for my ultimate good. No example is clearer than that of Nana’s life. And, of course, my own.

So …

  • If there is something you want to say, say it.
  • If there is somewhere you want to go, go.
  • If there is someone you want to be with, be with them fully.
  • If there is a friendship, relationship or job you want or need to leave, leave.

All living things either evolve or cease to live. This goes for people, relationships … and for dreams. Life continues to unfold whether you participate or “spectate”. The trick is to engage in and surround yourself with life-affirming energy that inspires and supports you to do what you fear the most. When we commit to that type of Source energy, the fear-filled “what ifs” fall by the wayside and are exposed for the lies they are.

Today, reflect on and identify whatever and whoever makes your heart sing and summon your inner-Nana and go wherever they beckon you. Tune into the key of your life. Conduct the symphony of you. Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below

Resolve. Commit. Just do it!

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you for that.God is good for NaNa and all of us.I started a days ago just doing it and i started doing things different and i feel
    very good and i will keep on with that way everyday.I’m going to keep going and see what happens this change has been different but
    needed for me and i know it now that change is good.I say it to my students all the time and my boss all the time and now i have to do it for myself.
    Thank you again by the spirit you’all are very good in what you do
    you all have changed my life in a big way.
    Tell next time much love to you my sisters and pray for our childrens future.

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