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Open Your Eyes, Open Your Heart and SHINE

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January 22, 2012

Blindfolded man in fieldRemember that childhood game where someone blindfolds you, spins you around to throw you off kilter and then you start walking (stumbling, actually) toward some predetermined end point? You rely on the person who spun you around to tell you you’re getting warmer (that is, closer to your destination) or colder (moving farther away). I just have one question. Who on earth invented this crazy game!!??

Now if you’re playing with someone who plays by the rules it usually works out. You reach the destination, everyone cheers and then it’s your turn to shout out the directions. But if you’re playing with someone who isn’t giving you the proper information (or doesn’t know the best course to follow), you can end up far away from your intended destination. So this game requires a lot of trust. And you can learn pretty quickly playing such a game – and in life – that not everyone is worthy of such blind faith.

But all too often, we put blinders on in life and allow others to shout out instructions of who we are, which way should go and the destination we should seek. And all too often, those people – often well-intentioned – don’t even know who we really are and where we are really supposed to go. I mean really. They see us through the lens of their own life – we all do. And with those “experience-colored” glasses it’s so easy to miss the true face behind the “mask”, the real soul that dwells within our physical temple.

Of course, sometimes people choose not to know. These people have their minds made up about who their children, partner, relatives  and so forth should be and the way their lives should go. They place great emphasis on the should rather than the is regardless of whether that should reflects who that person is or whether that final destination (a certain profession, educational track, type of relationship) is ultimately in that person’s best interest.

For example, think about the parent who demands that their child go to college close to home or even to live at home. This may work for the parent who isn’t ready to cut the cord. But it may not be in the best interest of a child who may need to develop independence and confidence in her own decision-making abilities.

Other times it’s not “them” it’s us. It’s all those times when we don’t allow our real self to shine through or we prevent others from entering into our most private, sacred space – our hearts. A closed heart protects; but it’s also a barrier that keeps an authentic exchange from occurring – the divine flow in and out, like a breath or the tide.

As I think back over the “first act” of my life as Jane Fonda says, I am utterly in shock at how often I’ve turned my personal power over to others — especially in personal relationships — often at great personal detriment. All of the times that instead of speaking up for my needs or sharing more of my “self” to allow others in to support me in being the most authentic me possible, I fell silent and created more space for others to be without requiring the same for myself. Welp. Thank God for the “second act” and the fact that it’s never too late to know better and do better.

So in the famous words of Niecy Nash on “Clean House”, it’s time to:

Take off your blindfold and open your eyes!

I don’t know about you, but I RESOLVE to leave the blindfolds off, to stay on kilter and not let anybody spin me around. I RESOLVE to listen to God’s whispers as they lead me more fully and completely to my authentic self; to who I AM, who the Creator intended me to be.

I encourage you to do the same. With discernment, know when someone steps into your life personally or professionally to support you in being you and allow them in so they really know you. This may be only one person or a few. But one or a few is more than enough! Remember, where two or three are gathered …

Also know when someone enters your life and starts screaming directions leading you in the wrong direction. Don’t panic. Don’t judge. But do not take one step in that direction and definitely don’t let them you spin you off kilter! Don’t blindly turn your power, your dreams, your well being, your LIFE over to anyone but God and the angels in your midst loving placed there to encourage you toward the right destination.

RESOLVE to co-create the amazing life you were placed on this earth to live. Open your eyes. Open your heart. SHINE!

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5 Responses

  1. I have a big problem with being in the forfront of anything i may put
    together or make.I understand the thing about our real self shine
    i don’t have the confidence that i need to do alot of things.
    I stay in the background and let others get all the credit for my idea.
    and when i read this it made me look at things in a different light.
    And as of today i will make that change to take off the blindfolds and
    open my eyes and let my light shine.
    And step up and let my realself shine though.
    Tell nexttime much love to you all pray for our children future.

    • Wonderful, Denise! That’s right, let your true light shine. See yourself as the wonderful, beautiful person God created you to be. That is the truth of who you are. And remember it’s a process. You may not always feel like “shining”. But you always have the chance to pause, take a breath, remember who you are and shine again.

      • Thank you very much for saying that because i feel like that alot.
        Sometime i don’t want to be high on something and a hater try to put me down.But i’m working past them to get to the top where i need to be.
        Maybe i will show you’all some of my artwork and paintings.

  2. Thank you for this uniquely-personal and timely message.

    May God bless you and keep you!

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