SPEAK: Resolve By The Spirit — The “Live with Purpose” Decree

SPEAK … By the Spirit™ with Erica A. Hawthorne

The “Live with Purpose” Decree

© 2012 Erica A. Hawthorne

January 13, 2012

True confession:  I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  There was a time when what I like to call my “functional OCD” sent me into full detail mode over each section of my life to be re-purposed and newly “resolution-ed”.   After two years of making detailed lists during the hype of the season and then lamenting over how many I didn’t achieve by March,  I finally resolved to do my resolutions around the time of my birthday instead.

It felt more like a natural time of renewal and reawakening for me.   Since my birthday also came in the Fall, there was a natural feeling of change that came along with the season.  This seemed to help me take some of the pressure off and begin to approach it in a more humane way.

But I must admit (second confession), that this year, more than any other, I did want to make some solid commitments going into this bright new year…to enhance those I created around the time of my birthday.

I realized that I didn’t want to write mere resolutions that bartered with my will to make well-meaning, but sometimes easily abandoned things-to-do lists.  I wanted to actually commit to the activities and mindsets that I had come to practice over the past year, and bring them more fully into the new year.

Writing this month for BTS around the topic of RESOLVE made me think.  The word ‘resolve’ holds a kind of reverence when you say it.  Just  using the word ‘resolve’ makes anything you say sound so much more official and enduring.   So I wrote my list and said each resolution out loud.  The words seemed to hold much more weight and I felt as if I were writing an annual “Living with Purpose” decree! Some things began as simple ways of thinking in 2011, that I’d now like to translate into physical action in the new year.  Others were actions that happened infrequently, but benefited me greatly to do them…so this year, I’d like them to be a part of my ongoing living program.

So I share my list with you, in hopes that it will inspire you to write your own.  It’s the kind of list that persists even while we are in-progress.  And don’t worry if you are working on yours a couple of weeks into the New Year…like my birthday, we can celebrate our growth all year long!

Here’s to our collective “Living with Purpose” Decrees!
Resolve to live the best that is in you…
say it aloud and claim it!

My 2012 “Living With Purpose” Decree

I RESOLVE to speak my truth, with compassion and without fear.

I RESOLVE to value time as much as I have valued money…
I RESOLVE to spend both more wisely.

I RESOLVE to connect with others in meaningful ways beyond the use of social media and technology.

I RESOLVE to share my knowledge, talents and gifts in ways that enhance and celebrate others.

I RESOLVE to honor the time to sit still and be silent.

I RESOLVE to value my personal health (mental, emotional & physical) in direct proportion to how Spirit has valued gifting it to me.

I RESOLVE to accept abundance in my life in all the wonderful ways it appears and persists.

I RESOLVE to have fun!

I RESOLVE to make prayers of gratitude the way I begin and end my day.


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One Response

  1. I do like that you have been working on some very good things.
    I am on the same page with you on some of your ideas.I have to add i’m a artist and i don’t put it out ther for people to see or use for different things.This year i’m going to finish this book and see where that goes. and work on stop being the biggest procrastinator in the world and i have been working on that this year.It’s hard but i’m getting better.
    Tell next time my sisters much love to you all and pray for our childrens future.

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