SHINE: Resolve by the Spirit — Realign Your Shine! (audio post)

SHINE … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Realign Your Shine!

© 2011 Tonya M. Evans

January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

I am excited to be alive at a time of such great transition, progress and growth, both individually and collectively. And I am also grateful that as we meet each new year, new day and new moment we have the divine opportunity to begin again.

We get to choose love , peace, joy, forgiveness, compassion, empathy and wisdom. Or to choose the opposite. We get to show up and to grow up! We have the opportunity to experience a “do over”, we get to realign our SHINE!

I use the analogy of the importance of realigning a car that’s off course to the importance of realigning your SHINE when you sense your life is going in the wrong direction despite your best efforts to stay on track.

In this audio post, I ask you to consider the following questions:

  • What if the life you’ve been living isn’t the life you were divinely created to live?
  • What if the authentic YOU is waiting for permission to emerge?
  • What if the LIGHT you’ve been shining is only a fraction of the radiance that Spirit has soul-wired you to SHINE?
  • What if the answer to the question you’ve asked time and again — “is this all there is?” — is a resounding NO!?

What if all you needed to do to get back on track on your spiritual journey toward the fulfillment of your life’s purpose — to the divine YOU — was to realign your SHINE?

Ready? Set? …. SHINE! And Happy New YOU!

[Listen to this ByTheSpirit Podcast Episode] [10:04] (MP3)

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