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Resolve to Go Deeper

© 2011 Erica A. Hawthorne

December 23, 2011

I love massages!  Whether it be a basic Swedish massage, or the caring hands of a friend or loved one, the comfort and release of tension can be heavenly.  I love the euphoric feeling afterwards when tense muscles finally release their grip on whatever matters, thoughts and stresses that have built up over the days and months.

I remember my first professional massage at a spa.  I felt like royalty!  The staff offered me water with a hint of mint and cucumber and offered me a soft robe and slippers (that I was sad to have to return at the end of my appointment).  The scent of lavender filled my room and the music immediately put me in a meditative state.  The masseuse asked questions about my tension, any aches or injuries and then swiftly went about working to relax and soothe each muscle.

I slipped between awake and dreamy sleepiness, and when my session was over, felt a serene buzz throughout each and every muscle.  I was so relaxed I didn’t even want to lift my purse!  I wanted to do nothing to risk bringing back all of that tension I had carried around for so many months.  I went about my day, grateful for the release.

The next time I went for a massage, the muscle tenseness had become almost unbearable.  I felt as though my back and shoulders would never relax again.  I could feel two harrowing knots holding their positions at the tops of my shoulders; resistant and defiant…much like my demeanor had become with job stresses and personal issues looming.

So I chose to return to the masseuse.  This time I ordered the “deep tissue massage”.    Though the results are just as effective in releasing tension as a more traditional Swedish massage, the methodology of the deep tissue massage is quite different.  A deep tissue massage is meant to do just that: go deeper. 

I was still greeted with the same great kindness and comforts of my first visit: refreshing water, euphoric scents, comfortable wear and relaxing music.  But this time, the practitioner had an all-together different mission…to seek out the places where knots had formed and work the unyielding muscle over and over…the feeling of the muscles being worked so deeply, it literally brought me to tears.

This year, we must resolve to do the same: be willing to go deeper.

There are some things we have been experiencing, some issues we have been doing the work to bring to light for healing.  It is pressing us, taking our breath away at moments.  It is bringing with it tears and second thoughts about pressing forward.  Plain and simple…it hurts.  But press we must.  The tension, the holding on, continuing to do things the same way with the same methods are no longer useful, effective or healing.  Let Spirit press in deeper, stay on those sensitive but tense places in our lives where we have built up resistance and offer healing adjustment.

We know what those things are for us.  I do not have to type them here, nor give examples.  We all have them: places of resistance.  Those places are usually rooted in fear, binded by the belief we have placed in them, reinforced with our past experiences.  But it is time to let it go…the time is now!

For me to truly be healed, I had to go to a practitioner, who specialized in helping people release…you may find your “practitioner” in your church leadership, or through books or local classes, or you may find yet a deeper practice that brings you into more focused time with Spirit. 

Whatever your method, you must be willing to go deeper to those places that at first touch may be painful or scary…healing, I promise, is on the other side.  You do not have to do this work alone, nor do you have to push for instant results…just be willing to go there, and let the healing begin.

I was sore at least 3 days after my deep tissue massage.  But the knots were gone!  The places of deep resistance were no more.  But this time, in order to maintain my new healed state, I had to stop lifting more than just a heavy purse.  I had to stop picking up guilt of past mistakes, I had to release my need to please others, I had to make a special effort to be mindful of my disabling and tension-building thoughts.  I had to let go of tense relationships and interactions.  And yes I had to meditate more, pay attention and pray incessantly…all practices that helped me hand over the “heavy-lifting” to Spirit and the opportunities it presented me in daily life to heal.

Every experience does not have to hurt in order to heal, but every hurt must be presented and brought forth for true healing to take place.

This year, resolve to go deeper…it is the best gift you can give yourself.

Happy Holidays and many blessings!


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2 Responses

  1. Beautiful! Adding this to my list of resolutions; for each new year, new day and new moment. Thank you ~ Tonya

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