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…To Do It GOD’s Way

© 2011  Jerricia J. Ulmer, M.Ed.

December 11, 2011

“They carry out plans that are not mine and make alliances not inspired by me” -Isaiah 30:1

People are strong proponents of getting things done, of doing it their way. You know I’m not a fan of the adage “GOD helps those who help themselves.” But, I am evolving in the Scripture, faith without works is dead (James 2:17).

Notice in that verse faith is first. Therefore, prayer is probably the first step any of us should take when trying to chart a new course in our lives. Yet, so many want to dig their heels in and immediately do something. That gives them a great story of how they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. But we didn’t create ourselves, so why are we working so hard for ourselves? When we truly believe in the faithfulness of GOD, we enter into a rest – an unprecedented peace – and things fall into place.

So what do I have to do? Where do the “works” fall in?

Well first, get still in that prayer and meditation in which you’ve immersed yourself and get a clear vision of the purpose GOD has for your life. This is work enough for many folks! But what’s that thing (or things) you would do if money was no issue? What adventure would you embark upon if you thought you couldn’t fail? What traits do you really want in a mate? …

Then, recognize we are co-creators with Christ. We have to be in alignment with what HE has put in our hearts/spirits, BUT REMAIN OPEN ON HOW IT WILL BE PRESENTED.

Next, do the earthly steps. If it’s a job, do the application or work on and submit your résumé. If it’s a business, develop a business plan or a mission statement, or start working on your website. Or just start researching and asking questions. If there’s someone you’re attracted to, simply smile and say “Hi”.

Now, you have to realize how YOUR blessings flow to you. My spiritual sister and BTS colleague, Dr. Kathleen Walls, knows her divine opportunities generally come swift and easy. Mine…uh, sometimes I got to wait on them (Habakkuk 2). But they’re still usually not too convoluted. If I have to weigh them too much or do a pro/con list, they’re usually not for me. The bottom line is you have to discern what YOUR Spirit is telling you and what it does to your peace: how does accepting that offer make you feel; how does rejecting it make you feel – despite the rationalization you can conjure up.

Finally, here’s the hardest part of the work: making a decision and acting on it. People may not really perceive this as work, but it is. Each decision we make is one that can help or hinder our relationship with GOD. This is the perefect marriage of faith and works. Is our decision one that boldly displays supernatural faith in a GOD bigger than we can envision? Or is it one that leans solely on our flesh, on what we perceive as our human ability? You’re smart and experienced, but if a job offers way less than market value and does not honor your creativity, it’s probably not from GOD. You may be cute, but if that potential suitor you pulled has a moral compass the polar opposite of yours, that is not GOD’s best for you.

It’s hard to step out in faith. But GOD wants to test and stretch our faith. Don’t worry: HE’s a gentle teacher who gives multiple second chances. And Paul reminded us the tests are nothing we can’t handle; they are appropriate for where we are in our faith walk (1 Corinthians 3:2, Hebrews 5). Furthermore, GOD works everything for HIS good. So even if we think we’ve made a mistake, if it was a step closer to GOD, HE’s got our back. HE’ll even use our mistakes to show off and bless us indeed.


2 Responses

  1. Amen! It’s great to see victories unfolding! Thank you for sharing, Denise. And keep praying for and with your family. We will too.

  2. I’m so into what your saying.At this time i’m trying to get my oldest son off them streets and get his kids back.and i keep telling him i may not see what your doing but god sees everything and until you deside to get out of the game and get a place and stop that BS he is not going to help you get them children.I told him to pray get your oun place and save your money and things will start to go your way one day at a time and i will help you with the children.And the beginning of this month he got him a place.And he is getting things together the people is coming to see his place to see if it’s good enough for him to get his kids back.
    I’m gonna keep praying that he can get his kids and be the man i raised him to be.
    Thank you for those words today i needed them.
    Tell next time i’m out much love to uall my sisters.and pray for our children future.

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