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SHINE … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

Do You Want to Be Healed?

© 2011 Tonya M. Evans

November 11, 2011

The Pool of Bethesda is described in John 5 as a pool of water that, when stirred by an angelic presence, was capable of healing whomever was in the water at the time. Needless to say word of this traveled quickly! The passage says a “multitude” of sick people with all manner of diseases traveled far and wide to this place. I don’t know how many a “multitude” is in biblical terms, but sounds like a LOT to me!

I can imagine the scene was absolutely chaotic at times as desperate, gravely ill people in a huge crowd decided to do anything to get into the pool and be healed. I bet there were some people who believed so strongly that the waters could heal them that they determined to get HEALED by any means necessary. Those people had clarity and faith coupled with action. They set their minds to be healed and resolved that no one and nothing would stop them. And they were healed.

In the midst of the chaos, the scripture describes a man who’d been ill for 38 years lying near the pool. As the story unfolds we learn he was waiting for someone to pick him up and carry him into the pool to be healed. Although he’d tried at times to get closer, people pushed him out of the way and he became discouraged. Five minutes before the Miracle, he sat down and stared at his cure. He was steps away from his healing. He’d heard all the stories about the healing power of the waters of Bethesda and actually made his way to the place. He watched as others were healed. And he waited, hoping someone would help him. Someone closer, stronger, faster I suppose; someone who could deliver him. After 38 years of being sick perhaps he was used to waiting. He was used to being sick. There was a certain “woe as me comfort” in the familiar. He was moments away from his remedy. But he remained paralyzed, literally and figuratively.

And then Jesus came along, saw the man lying there, knew he’d been sick for a long time and asked a simple but profound question:

“Do you want to be healed?”

Now this may seem like a strange question because when we are sick, hurt or experiencing any type of physical, mental or spiritual “dis-ease” the logical answer is a resounding YES! This is especially true when we’ve been through a lot, traveled a long way, and we have the assurance the remedy not only works but is actually within our sights.

Then again, if you think of it that way, the question does start to make sense. Seeing a man within feet of his healing who chooses to lay down instead of rising up, crawling, rolling or doing anything necessary to reach the pool begs the question: Do you want to be HEALED?

When the man replied with his explanation (excuses?) Jesus gave him a simple command: “Take up your bed and walk!” And the man did. And he was healed. Right thinking was followed by right action, as Reverend Della Reese says.

In the same way we must ask ourselves the question. We must honestly assess whether we are choosing to stay in dysfunctional circumstances, perpetuating a toxic way of thinking, rejecting the very help we need (and prayed for!) or reverting to bad habits rather than “taking up our proverbial bed” and taking charge of our own healing.

Our healing requires our participation. We don’t have to have all the answers or resources. We do have to have faith that we can be healed, take the next step toward our healing and move forward by any means necessary.

Rather than focusing on the 101 reasons why we can’t, won’t or don’t, we should focus instead on the vision of healing just before us and declare

YES, I want to be healed!

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