GIVE:Filled By The Spirit-Journey


Many people have a designated list of goals that they would want to accomplish before a specific period of time.  They want to reach the top, and often fantasize what life will be like if they took that once in a life time trip or saved a certain amount of money. Whatever your goals are, from repairing an injured relationship to achieving that desired weight, we all wait anxiously for the day we can be filled with our accomplishments.

Sometimes we miss the actual meaning of our goals. It is obvious that achieving the desired gives such a great satisfaction.  We yearn for that moment we have reached the top. Sometimes it is the only thing on our minds, that we become so focused on the goal we do not see anything else. It is not only the achievement that is so wonderful, but the climb to the top can be even more satisfactory. The journey to your goals is just as special as achieving them.

A person is desperately trying to lose weight. They choose to change their diet and exercise.  Essentially, this person has chosen to alter their whole life style. After a few months, the five mile jogs are more brisk and easy. The journey has had rough times but as this person reaches their half way mark of losing weight, there are so many lessons that are learned: perseverance, determination and awareness of a new lifestyle. All of these powerful lessons are learned in just a few short months. The goal is eventually reached and said person is healthier and happier. The goal is sweet, a longer life, a more active lifestyle and a new happier person. Yet, it is the journey that has given this person the tools to keep achieving goals, that the rise to the top is filled with life lessons and experiences, not the top itself.


Embrace the journey to your goals as much as you are hoping for the goal itself to be a reality. Achieving a goal is a feeling that is so filling for the mind, body and spirit. However, do not miss the point of any lesson: the goal is the reward, the journey is the experience.


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