GIVE-Soar By The Spirit: Everyday Heroes


In a society where our celebrities are looked at as heroes for the simple fact of acting in a movie, many people want to see a real individual who can do extraordinary things. People need a role model of sorts that has overcome obstacles; obstacles that the average person may face, and overcome said problems and achieve greatness. These heroes do not ask for the fame that comes with a good deed, just the genuine feeling of knowing they made a difference. These are the people that we must learn from and feed off of. The problem is, since they do not publically advertise, these individuals can be a little more difficult to find.

“The ordinary man is involved in action, the hero acts. An immense difference” Henry Miller

       If you are looking for inspiration, look no further than your own community. There are people feeding the poor, achieving greatness in harsh circumstances, embracing new ideas, taking positive risks and helping those who require it. It becomes your own adventure searching for these people and looking for guidance for inspiration. Educating yourself about your surroundings is the answer to looking for the real heroes.

Become an inspiration in your community. Become the change you crave in your area. Search for other everyday heroes, the real heroes, around your area and draw from their strength.  Heroes of all sorts are needed and this is an open call to get involved and do something inspirational with your life.


One Response

  1. My everyday hero is my mom.Nomatter whats wrong she always tell you there is a better way and that it’s going to get better.She say god is looking at everything your doing and he knows your heart and that he don’t put more on you then you can handle.
    My mom is real sick but she knows that god has her in his hands and she smiles all the time no motter how much pain she may be in.
    I do a lot of crazy things to make her laught i have always been the joker in the family and you to this day i keep one on my mom’s face.,
    My mom is 83 and she has always been there for me and that’s why i have never been in any trouble because i would never want to disapoint her she is the greatest.And she has a great spirit and everybody loves her.
    She is a hero to a whole lot of people in this world and i’m proud t call her mom.
    Tell next time sisters much love to you all and i’m out.And pray for our children fufure.

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