LIVE: Soar By The Spirit – Wind Beneath Our Wings

LIVE!…By the Spirit with Kathleen E. Walls

Wind Beneath Our Wings

© 2011 Kathleen E. Walls, Psy.D.

September 19, 2011

As I contemplated on the theme, Soar by the Spirit, I thought about the song Wind Beneath My Wings. As we aspire to attain the desires of our hearts, it is through our relationship with Spirit that we are given the steps, direction, and guidance needed to acquire these desires. There are times when it seems that these dreams and goals may not manifest, yet throughout the journey, Spirit provides signs and/or people along the way to remind us that it is a matter of time.

Throughout the journey, we will acquire the necessary skills needed to ensure that we are able to manage and maintain the dream once it comes to fruition.  We will also release unnecessary thoughts, behaviors, and even relationships that are not leading us toward these goals and desires.  At times, we might even feel that our goals and dreams are being delayed, however, with a shift in perspective and the utilization of the spiritual opportunities that we are given, we will realize that we are acquiring and learning the necessary skills and developing the necessary relationships, to guarantee that we have what we need to ensure our dreams longevity and maximum success.

As we strengthen our relationship with Spirit, and move toward our dreams and goals, we will be led to develop and trust our intuition and instinct as well as utilize discernment and obedience. Remember, with Spirit as The Wind Beneath Our Wings, we are able to aspire to and reach higher heights than we could do on our own.

God Bless and Continue to Live By the Spirit!

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