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In 1 Corinthians 6.19, it is expressed that our body is our temple of the Holy Spirit which has been given to us by God; therefore we must glorify God in our bodies.  Day to day we sometimes forget that our bodies are a gift.  We must nurture it spiritually, emotionally and physically to see what our bodies can achieve in our lifetime. After all, we are only here for a limited time.

Some of us want to see how far our bodies can take us. We nurture ourselves with good healthy food so we can perform tasks at a higher rate. A healthy diet allows us to think faster, with more clarity. We make better decisions and therefore have stronger relationships. As one exercises along with eating properly, their bodies are stronger and able to do these tasks for a longer period of time. We therefore feel better and suffer from less health related problems such as high cholesterol or Type 2 diabetes.

While we are eating properly, we are not only feeding our muscles but our brain. We are able to function at a higher rate, make better decisions and focus easier. That feeling of constant fatigue quickly slips away as soon as we commit to a nutritious diet. We begin to crave more strenuous activity. The couch potato of yesterday may be running a marathon in a few months.

Glorifying our bodies is the key to soaring through life. Challenge yourself, see what you can really do and make of yourself. You will be surprised with a change in your diet or an extra activity how much your health, spirit and mind change and become more active.

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  1. I am learning that today and i look to god everyday.I found out yeaster day he has me in his hands because i was on my way home from work and almost got shot about 12 feet from the shots after saying hello to some old students i was saying hello to.As they walk past after speaking to me on there way home from school the shots rang out and one of the boys was shot in the leg.I dont know how he is doing yet but i pray he is ok.Everyday about 30x’s a day i listen to He Has You IN His Hands-By Marvin Sapp and i keep it on repeat because i’m so blessed to be here writing you today.Then yesterday about 2mint from my school yesterday there was 8 gunshots so i had to bring the kids in from the yard and we locked the school down and called the cops so all the kids in school would be safe and no one was aloud in or out the builden.
    I have always tried to live my life right and i have never been any trouble in my life and with diabetes now i will work a little harder each day.and just keep praying on it .
    Tell next time sister much love to you all.And pray for our childrens future.

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