SHINE: Give by the Spirit — The Gift of Twenty Minutes

SHINE! … By the Spirit™ with Tonya M. Evans

The Gift of Twenty Minutes

© 2011 Tonya M. Evans

August 15, 2011

A clock

The gift of 20 minutes!

When I sat down to write this message I thought I only had about twenty minutes. And quiet as it’s kept, I have too many message drafts to mention that would have needed way more than twenty minutes to go from great idea to completed inspiration. But still I was led to share this week. And so … in this post I offer ten things you can do in just twenty minutes to support your spiritual transformation and journey.

In twenty minutes you can …

  1. Pray & meditate [the gift of prayerthe gift of meditation]
  2.  Read your spiritual text  [Bible, Qur’an, Torah, A Course in Miracles, The Dhamma]
  3.  Laugh and/or cry [the gift of laughter]  [the gift of tears]
  4.  Listen (I mean really listen) to your child or significant other tell you about their day. [active listening]
  5.  Catch up with a friend you’ve been meaning to call or write. [the gift of friendships]
  6.  Write in your gratitude journal (or start one!). [the gift of gratitude]
  7.  Enjoy a delicious snack. [30 healthy snacks]
  8.  Exercise [the gift of physical fitness – 20 minute workouts]
  9.  Take a power nap [the gift of napping … oh how it’s wasted on the young!]
  10.  Listen to your favorite song on repeat and dance like no one’s watching! [free streaming on]

In just twenty minutes you can reach deeply within to reawaken that inner spiritual glow you might think you’ve lost. It’s there. It’s always there because the Creator put it there and promised never to leave or forsake you. And no matter how busy you are, or how sad, or discouraged, or depressed … when you give yourself or others the gift of twenty minutes, you’ll be amazed how brightly your light can SHINE!

P.S. This actually took me forty-five minutes to write … but it was worth every minute. I’m off to laugh now … then cry, then meditate, pray and dance like no one’s watching before my nap. What do you plan to do with your twenty minutes? No time like the present!

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One Response

  1. I need to know that i need to talk to someone about different things thats going on in my life but i’m real shy about talking about my personal life how do i start to do that can that be just twenty minutes?

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