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Give Love

© 2011 don Miguel Ruiz

August 4, 2011

Love is unconditional. In love, there are no conditions; you love for no reason, with no justification. You are free to be what you are, and you allow others to be what they are.

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you for that web i will get to that right now and get beck to you all. Tell then much love sisters and i’m out.

  2. I feel that way but i always seem to meet the type of people that want me to do everything for them and not anybody else.What should i do about that?Some people say i gave them everything while i was with them so i created this person is that true?

    When i start seeing someone i always give 100% of myself and i love to make people happy i’m a virgo and thats how most of us are and i love to make my partner smile i love a sexy smile?

    Do i stop being like that or do i keep being me we were together for 15years and now learning how to be friends her mouth is real nasty and thats why we are not together been apart for 2yrs?

    Do you think we can be friends or will that be a big problem in the end because her mouth is still nasty and i’m so tired of being hurt by it
    but i know if she needed me today i would be there for her how do i deal with that because it’s hard to find someone else because she is
    so crazy.

    Give my all or not how do i deal with that i’m always the one to give and don’t ask for or take anything help.

    Tell next time sisters i’m out much love to you all tell next time.

    • Denise,

      Thank you for sharing your comment. Although we cannot speak to your specific situation, I encourage you to remember this. Love is unconditional; but relationship is a choice. And when we love others we must always remember to love ourselves at the same time (actually, first). And because we cannot change anyone but ourselves, that is where love actually begins and ends — with you — because God dwells within you.

      We are created by a loving God, a complete and full expression of love. Focus on loving yourself. As your self-love increases, so too does your connection to the loving force that is our Creator.

      The Bible gives many lessons of what love looks like and feels like. Here’s a passage you might want to reflect on: 1 Corinthians 13 []

      We wish you love and peace!

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