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The Gift of Kindness

When we practice loving-kindness, says Noah Levine, we change for the better—and so does our world.

Adult giving flowers to child

The gift of kindness

[Brief excerpt from “Kindness Changes Everything” by Noah Levine @]

” When we are coming from a place of kindness, we naturally experience kindness from others. Kindness is the antidote to fear, as well as to many other forms of suffering. My own experiences have verified this teaching. In my early life I was filled with anger. I was almost constantly dishonest; I caused harm to many people and wished harm upon many others. I was living in the opposite way from what is suggested in the Metta Sutta. I had no humility, no integrity, and no wish to protect anyone but myself. Living that way had me going in and out of jail regularly, addicted to drugs, and—most important—always looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was going to attack me. I felt completely unsafe. … I knew nothing about being kind or loving, and was met with a great amount of violence. I was so delusional that I often felt like a victim, and I justified the ways I was hurting people by blaming it on the people who had hurt or betrayed me.

I now know that I created the whole thing. It was my unskillful reaction to the pain of my life that led to the suffering of crime, drugs, and violence. But as I came to the dharma and trained my mind with metta phrases, I slowly began to change my way of thinking and acting. It was not an overnight transformation, but a very gradual change that is continuing to take place even now, twenty-two years into the practice. It is clear, however, that as I began to forgive myself and others—as I learned to be kind and eventually came to sincerely want all beings to be at ease—the world became a safer place for me.”


One Response

  1. It don’t matter how kind to my man i am he gives me a hard time and i don’t now what to do.does that mean he didn’t want to be in it anyone
    and didn’t know how to tell me only when he was being nasty everytime i wanted to do something.

    It seem’s that if i’m not trying to go out or do anything but be home he was fine,soon as i wanted tongo out and do things there was a problem what do that seem like? Help me understand that.

    How do you understand some people no matter how long you been with them?

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