LIVE: Increase by the Spirit — Who Are You?

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Who Are You?

© 2011 Kathleen E. Walls, Psy.D.

July 25, 2011

A few weeks ago, I kept being asked the same question, “Who are you?” I had spent many years discovering who I was but the way in which this question resonated I knew I had to go deeper.  I then met a man who asked the same question but he added this last piece, “once you answer the question…accept it”.  Oh my!

Now, I knew I had to answer the question and from my core. They were not asking me about my characteristics, my job, or the roles that I play but instead about my essence…my purpose for existence.  As some would say, “Why I chose to incarnate at this particular time or What purpose I am here to fulfill.”  Over the next few days, I sat with the question… and then the answer came.  It bubbled up inside of me into full awareness.

I Am a Teacher and a Healer!

Although these words were not unfamiliar to me, it was the “accept it” part that resonated so deeply.  As I thought about my life, from the early years to present, the jobs I had taken, the work that I had done and do, to the intentional and seemingly random conversations that I have, it is all connected by a common thread; at some point I am either teaching and/or helping someone heal.  Often times, people will ask you “what would you do even if you didn’t get paid for it?”  This was my answer to that question.  The ways in which I teach and help others heal may be in the classroom, a lecture and/or workshop or through a therapy session or a conversation.  The point is the essence remains the same.

As I chewed on this “new awareness” yet old reality, I thought about how Spirit increases opportunities for you to see your essence so that you can answer the question, “Who are you?”

Since answering the question, I have posed the question to others.  Some have been able to answer it quickly…I’m a teacher, a giver, a trainer, etc.  Others have had to take some time and move through their characteristics and look deeper to find the common thread.  While others have had to reconnect with “Who they are” and recognize that thread that keeps them connected to Spirit.  As they reflected on their life, they were able to find, think of, and/or remember what they were doing and/or the setting in which they felt as though they were “truly and fully themselves”.

As each of them answered the question and accepted it, opportunities seemed to appear for them to function and live according to their true essence.  These opportunities were Increased by the Spirit.

So in order for you to fully Live by the Spirit, I now pose the question to you…“Who are you?”   

God Bless and continue to Live By The Spirit.

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