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GIVE … by the Spirit™ Guest Contributor — Grace Ste. Croix

Increase Your Time

© Grace Ste. Croix

July 19, 2011


"... only when the clock stops does time come to life.”

Time is of the essence. No truer words have been spoken. Time is precious, time flies and yet, despite time’s miraculous bearing on our lives, we never have enough of it. We never have enough time to sit back and enjoy the little things, or to give ourselves a break. Many people feel time is of the enemy. However, it’s how we spend our time that either creates more or less precious moments for ourselves.

“I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.” ~ Golda Meir

It is time for everyone to analyze where time goes every day. After a long day at work, do we waste time watching television or are we enjoying our favorite pastimes? Do we play with our children, call an old friend or go outside for a while? Do we feed our bodies good, healthy foods so we have the energy to spend our time the way we want to?

Clocks slay time…time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life.” ~ William Faulkner

Though it is good to be organized and at times exact with how time is spent, it is very healthy, especially for children to have days where there is no schedule, where one can be spontaneous or lazy and allow life to guide your day rather than time. When decisions are always regimented, we miss out on life’s little curves that could show us a brand new perspective. By increasing your personal time, we can explore different avenues of life and enrich ourselves with its many paths.

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