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 GIVE … by the Spirit™ Guest Contributor — Grace Ste. Croix

Direction from God

© 2011 Grace Ste. Croix

June 15, 2011

When we are most lost, we turn to God for direction in our lives. With all of the noise pollution around us, and our overzealous expectations of what God’s direction will be, we find ourselves drowning in a sea of problems wondering why we have not received some aid. Let today be the day that you turn down the volume in your life and receive the direction from God.

Often times, God’s messages are subtle. God does not pull out all the stops for a huge display to let you know what your path is supposed to be. The path is the message. The path to your goal is the experience that makes you a better person, not the goal itself. God wants you to take credit for your own journey and your path towards the goal is your salvation.

It takes little talent to see what lies under one’s nose, a good deal to know in what direction to point that organ.” W.H. Auden

Trust yourself, your moral compass and listen to God if you feel insecure. You will be steered in the right direction once other distractions are ignored. Focus on your goal or problem and micromanage it into small solutions to achieve the ultimate goal. Once your goal is reached, you not only can rejoice from your direction, but benefit from the path that got you there. Embrace the subtle approach and listen carefully, God’s direction is there for you to prepare.

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