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LEARN! … By the Spirit™ with Jerricia J. Ulmer

Relate to Ever-Evolving You

© 2011  Jerricia J. Ulmer, M.Ed.

May 27, 2011

At times in our lives, we are able to try on different “fits,” visit who we are – or rather, who we think we are or used to be.

Maybe when little you dreamed of moving to Hollywood and becoming a famous actor only to realize today you prefer working on smaller projects or behind the scenes and being with family on the East Coast.

Perhaps in younger years you frolicked in fun, flirty attire which you’ve now swapped for sassy, more mature styles.  You survived daily doses of fast food in the past, but now you know better.  And that old flame that has reappeared: you have to ask yourself – a second chance or a bullet dodged?

Are there friendships that no longer serve you (or them)? Has the energy dedicated to the career fast-track taken a backseat to spending time with loved ones or fulfilling personal endeavors?  How about immersing yourself in a new culture?

We need to try on what fits in the big and the small of our lives.  It could be in the form of a new city, job, or relationship.  A certain style of dress or wearing your hair, way of communicating, or the foods you eat.  The important thing is to take time to evaluate how you’ve evolved from yesterday and honestly assess who you are today with openness to who you want to become tomorrow.  Honor yourself with what you need and want now. And learn to be comfortable in your own skin! 

Loving what you have is the quickest way to getting what you want.

If there are some dreams your Spirit is still longing to pursue, by all means, pursue them!  However, there may be some antiquated desires that would be better served buried with the old you.  It’s OK to let them die.  By releasing the old, you get to enjoy and indulge in the present you!

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One Response

  1. Today i can relate to the ever-evolving me beacuse i am learning myself all over again and the person that was around me that had me doing so many things and took me away from the people that i loved and changed my life for less spirit is not a part of my life much anymore and i am for sure tryng to get back to the old loving me that everyone enjoyed so much.And i can start to see a change in myself and i’m starting to enjoy that a lot.I thank god for giving me a chance to see the light again and i keep to myself and if he has someone for me they will come in time when he is ready for me to see them whom ever they may be.

    One day at a time is my new look on my life now.I don’t say what i’m going to do tomorrow because it may not come but i will always try to bo my best today and thats the new ever-evolving me in 2011 and today i am happy.
    Tell next time my sisters much love to you all i’m out.

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