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Personal Narrative

© 2011 Dr. Kathleen E. Walls, Psy.D.

May 17, 2011

Over time, I have listened to and analyzed the way in which people relate to their life experiences. Many times, individuals take these experiences and create a life story, a personal narrative.  Therefore, it becomes imperative for one to assess how they are relating to these experiences and the personal narrative that they are creating.

We at BTS, along with many spiritual messengers, often discuss how our thoughts become our reality.  It has also been noted that our thoughts become habitual.  Therefore, we must actively be in control of our thoughts and how we are processing our life events.

As I reflected on the theme, “Relate By the Spirit”, I thought about the beautiful and loving qualities of Spirit.  I reflected on words/concepts/lessons such as Unconditional Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness, Wisdom, etc.  As I thought about these words and their meaning, I thought, “what if we really related to our experiences the same way that Spirit would?”  It would really change the way that we interact with our life experiences, and the way we interact with each other.

Imagine for a moment that as you are having a life experience you were to relate to it by the Spirit … assess it to see if this is an opportunity to exemplify unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, etc.  Sometimes when I am standing in line at a store or “caught” in a traffic jam, I recognize it and take it as an opportunity to practice “patience”.

By relating to this experience, by the Spirit, I am able to strengthen this quality and recognize these life events as a way to activate and utilize these Spirit-led qualities.  In turn, as I create and reflect on my personal narrative, I am able to recognize my growing level of patience, my ability to utilize patience in various settings, and ultimately to see myself as a patient person.

By actively practicing and utilizing this quality, it becomes a habit; therefore, when I am feeling impatient, I can reflect on my “practice rounds” of being patient, and remember that I am.

So as you are learning and growing by the Spirit, I encourage you to take a moment and ask how you can relate to your experiences by the Spirit.  Once you identify the Spirit characteristics that you are working on and strengthening, be sure to highlight them so that you know that they are a part of your personal narrative.

God Bless and continue to Live By The Spirit.

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