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Relating to GOD

© 2011  Jerricia J. Ulmer, M.Ed.

May 16, 2011

What else does GOD want except relationship with HIS Children?

HE created in us a longing that can be filled by none other than HIM.  HE wants us to want HIM, to turn to HIM in all things.  HE wants our permanent setting to be love for HIM and to want nothing more than to be in close proximity to HIM, always.  In doing so, we are most closely aligned with HIS goals for our lives and for humankind and purely motivated in pursuing them.

Think about it.  When you first meet that special someone, with whom you become so utterly smitten and enthralled, you want nothing more than to know that person in her/his totality.  You study the object of your affection and devotion. You find out her/his favorite things, goals in life or for the day. You ask questions. You inquire as to anything that matters to her/him.  Well, the same holds true for GOD.  HE knows you completely, in and out.  HE knew you before the womb (Isaiah 44, Jeremiah 1:5).  HE knows intimately who you are, what you are, what you like, what you dislike, your fears, your shortcomings, your weaknesses, your strengths, your gifts.  There is nothing like feeling completely loved because someone really knows you!

Well GOD wants you to love HIM in that same intimate way.  HE wants to be the object of your affection and devotion.  HE wants you to take time to study HIM, HIS nature, HIS will, HIS goals, HIS favorite things.  And with that, your heart will be full, open.  You will be on the fast track to wanting what HE wants of all HIS Children – to love HIM, to love each other, to spread the message of HIM and HIS love to anyone you see or greet – because you know GOD is in no short supply.

So take time today – and everyday – to develop your affection and devotion to the ONE who loves and knows you best. Get smitten with GOD and get to know HIM.

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2 Responses

  1. Amen! So eloquently put, Melvin. I’m glad the post moved you and was on time for you. GOD certainly put it on my heart and is showing me the depth of HIS love more everyday. GOD is love. And you’re right: once we know it, we can practice it daily.

  2. Thank you for such a POWERFUL and TIMELY message. LOVE is GOD’s most definitive characteristic. If we miss all the other attributes of GOD’s character: we cannot KNOW GOD and not KNOW His LOVE for us. We can best demonstrate this knowledge by returning His LOVE. We can best imitate GOD by DAILY practicing His LOVE. GOD was and still is my FIRST LOVE.

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