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GIVE … by the Spirit™ Guest Contributor — Grace Ste. Croix

Open Your Mind To Those With Special Needs

© 2011 Grace Ste Croix

May 9, 2011

It has been shocking to many people who work with those with special needs how fearful people in general are of those with downs syndrome and others who require assistance. Many people of the general public fear the so-called lack of knowledge they claim those with special needs have, yet it is many in the general public who are ignorant, or in better terms, have a lack of knowledge in the subject of those with special needs. The rhetoric of many is complex and the avoidance of such people who are so blessed is such a loss for the general public.

The problem lies within one word: involvement. Relating to those with special needs can be solved with just a simple education. Giving your time to volunteer with those with special needs or even with a simple click of a button, you can quickly learn the complexity of these people and realize that they will teach you so much more than you can teach them.

Many misunderstandings should be cleared up with those who have special needs. People who have special needs such as down syndrome, especially at a mild state, can hold a job, function well in society and give loving and fulfilling relationships with friends and family.

There is one thing that those with special needs differ from those who do not. The have so much more love. Their hearts are accepting and loving, their relationships are honest and pure. The relationships that we all crave where everything is straight forward and full of acceptance can be found with those with special needs. Judgements and standards need not matter to those with special needs, they will accept you for who you are and what you’re about. Generally, they have an excellent call of character and many people are to the point, which can be refreshing to most of us.

Those with special needs such as downs syndrome are a blessing. The humbling experience of meeting someone with a pure heart can really change your life and enrich it with what truly is important, the concrete love of a friend.

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