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Your Present Has a Past: It’s All Related

© 2011 Tonya M. Evans

May 6, 2011

We reap what we sow.

Recently I came across a few boxes labeled “Books” that should have been unpacked a looooong time ago. But hey, you do what you can when you can, right? Curious about what books were inside (and if in fact the boxes were actually labeled correctly) I started the literary excavation process. I came across one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors ever, The Future Has a Past by J. California Cooper.

This book is a lyrical gem. Four short stories about love, longing and loss told in various points of view with a gossipy storytelling cadence. The writing is masterful and beautiful. But I mention the book not for its contents but for the title, The Future Has a Past. The title continued to resonate within my spirit as I contemplated my contribution to this week. I started to think about how the future is related to the past. But because my spiritual seeking continues to lead me back to the present moment – the only time and space that actually exists – I began to reflect on how what manifests in our present reality relates to our past. And it became clear that not only does our future have a past, our present does too!

Farmers have always known this concept to be true. What is planted yesterday shall – with the proper nutrients and in its own time – be reaped today, metaphorically speaking. And of course, this is a biblical truth as well, “A man reaps what he sows.” (Galatians 6:7) And as motivational speaker Les Brown has often said, “if you wanna keep getting what you’re getting, keep doing what you’re doing.”

With this in mind it is essential to take inventory of what and who is in your life in presently (what you are reaping). How are you doing personally, professionally, in relationship and spiritually? What is manifesting in the present was sown in the past because your past has a present. And if you want more of the same, continue to sow the same seeds. But if you want a different “present reality”, begin to sow different personal, professional, relationship and spiritual seeds today. Because today is tomorrow’s past. It’s all related.

And just like the farmer who plants and then nurtures and waits for the harvest, you can reap a blessed harvest too. But the past seeds sown determine what is ultimately grown. Your present is related to the past. And it’s a spiritual process that requires our mindfulness, presence, authenticity, positive action and faith in the Divine. The choice is yours! Your present has a past. It’s all related!

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