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GIVE … by the Spirit™ Guest Contributor — Grace Ste. Croix

Finding Common Ground

© 2011 Grace Ste. Croix

May 4, 2011

          With so many people in this planet, so many religions, cultures, customs and ideals, one can be overwhelmed with the wealth of information to learn in order to understand each of these people. Cultures in our modern society often mesh, calling for even more understanding and intricate knowledge in order to relate to the embracing of two cultures. It is a common truth that ignorance can breed fear or in some extreme cases, hatred. How to find common ground?

Education is an excellent start to finding commonalities with others. Speak to any world travelers and you would know, even though countries are vastly different politically, economically and socially, generally speaking, their day-to-day thoughts are quite similar to ours. They care deeply for their family, they strive to be loved, they have the same heart aches, failures and successes we do. They have similar hopes and goals and ultimately, they want peace in their life. With this common foundation of love for fellow-man, we can build a miraculous mansion of goodwill and commonality between cultures.

This does not just apply to international differences, but even people in your own culture and community. Forgiving past transgressions is a key to peace. That certain person who you just do not seem to get a long with could possibly be most like you. Many people who butt heads often are the most a like. Could you see a bit of yourself in the person you do not like?

Finding common ground with feuding family members is integral for ultimate growth of a family unit. Your defying teenager needs to be noticed and could need you to jog your own memory to see how you were at that age. Is it possible you see a little of yourself in this younger person? Or could it be you fear mistakes the child will make that you have made in the past? Many successful parents who have raised their teens well into adulthood stress that treating children with respect is a common ground to mending broken bridges. It is the key to relating to a teen too old for childish discipline but too young to understand your point of view due to lack of experience.

Finding common ground by relating to the opposing party has a few ingredients for the perfect recipe. Respect, education and understanding are the integral points for relating to those different from you and ultimately closing the gap and finding commonalities.

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