LIVE: Relate by the Spirit — Make the Necessary Adjustments

LIVE! … By the Spirit™ with Kathleen E. Walls

Make the Necessary Adjustments

© 2011 Kathleen E. Walls, Psy.D

May 2, 2011

Have you ever been walking, driving, or sitting somewhere and catch someone looking at you?  They don’t say anything and you can’t quite read their expression…and then comes the thought “what are they looking at?”

You begin to check your clothes, hair, etc. and hope that you don’t have something in your teeth or worse yet…your nose.  If you are “lucky”, you have a mirror or are able to see your reflection in a window and can take inventory.  These types of interactions can help us take personal inventory and Make the Necessary Adjustments.

A friend once told me that by themselves they were perfect but it was through their interactions that they recognized the areas where they needed to grow.  Hence it is through relating that we are able to get a clearer picture of who we are and how we see ourselves.  Our interactions are the “mirror” that reflects back to us who we are, what we think and believe, and how we want to be seen.

Sometimes we our proud of our interactions and smile, sometimes we are indifferent, and at other times, we clearly recognize the areas where we need to do some “work”.  So just as when we look in a mirror to adjust our clothes, fix our hair, and/or clean off a smudge, we look in the “mirror of our interactions” to adjust our thoughts and beliefs, our style of interacting, and the way in which we relate to ourselves and others.  Through relating, we are able to Make the Necessary Adjustments in our interactions and style of relating.

Although there are some core aspects or characteristics that remain constant over time, there are many aspects of our self that will grow and change as our understanding evolves.  The “necessary adjustment” may be minor changes like a change in our tone of voice, facial expressions, etc. or major like in the way in which we think about or interact with a certain group of people.  By allowing ourselves to be guided by Spirit, we are shown and able to Make the Necessary Adjustments.

So as we are being led this month to Relate by the Spirit, I encourage you to take some time to look in the “mirror of your interactions” and Make the Necessary Adjustments.

God Bless and continue to Live By The Spirit.


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