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Connecting to Divine Messengers

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April 21, 2011

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Do you believe in Angels? I certainly do! And most world religions acknowledge the presence of angelic beings in some form or fashion. For example, in the Christian tradition there is much discussion about angels and even angels who have fallen from grace. There are also many warnings about not being deceived by those professing to be of God but who lead people away from God, especially in Revelations (a list too numerous to even begin in this post).

By definition they are divine messengers. And the word Angel comes from the Greek word “angelos” that means messenger. I am particularly interested in learning and knowing more about their roles in our earthly lives and how (and why) they communicate with us and using the discernment Dr. Kat discussed in her last post to separate divine messages from any and everything else. I say communicate because angels possess important information to convey to us. But it’s lost if we don’t recognize when angels are “speaking” or appreciate and receive what they are communicating.

Learning to recognize and process information from our divine messengers is important to us spiritually because of the wisdom angelic beings possess and their closer connection to God. Angels possess an understanding about our unique purpose in this life and the lessons we must learn. They are in our lives to help guide us. Of course all of this may sound a little “airy fairy” to you (no pun intended) or even sacrilegious or just plain scary! So a bit of clarifying information may be helpful.

Actually, there is a hierarchy of angelic beings:

First Sphere (Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones or Ophanim)

Seraphim mentioned in Isaiah 6:1-7 serve as the caretakers of God’s throne and in an unceasing posture of praise and worship.

Cherubim guard the way to the tree of life in the Garden of Eden and the throne of God (Ezekiel 28:14-16). The cherubim are mentioned in numerous places in the Bible (Genesis 3:24; Exodus 25:17-22; 2 Chronicles 3:7-14; Ezekiel 10:12–14, 28:14-16; 1 Kings 6:23–28; and Revelation 4:6-8.)

Second Sphere (Dominions, Virtues and Powers or Authorities)

These angelic beings are charged with the responsibility of governance, both of the angelic and earthly realms. There are numerous references to this sphere in the Book of Ephesians especially.

Third Sphere (Principalities or Rulers, Archangels and Angels)

The highest sphere includes those spiritual beings closest to God. The lower sphere includes Angels as we commonly refer to them. They are the “lowest” in order of hierarchy and those angelic beings closest to us.


This gave me great perspective about the role and influence of angelic beings, generally, and Angels in particular. But I still wondered how they communicate. I know my intuition and spiritual discernment is directly connected with Spirit and that power, ability and guidance already exist within me. But I also experience external spiritual guidance. Things I cannot explain but sense and experience as indications of when I am on track or off course spiritually. Things I cannot explain that happen to protect me through no effort on my part. Seeming coincidences or “luck” that intuitively I recognize as divine guidance rather than some random occurrence. This, I believe, occurs because of the Angels in my life.

I recently received “confirmation” about this belief when I started experiencing repetitive number sequences more and more often. The numbers I see frequently – now like EVERY day – are 111, 11:11, 444 and 333 (which I’ve always seen often throughout my life). I shared this experience with the other BTS contributors and through our research we found we are not alone! And perhaps you’ve experienced this too, seeing a certain numeric sequence too often to be random. So what does it all mean? The answer appears to be one of the ways Angels communicate with us.

Next week I will explore this topic further so stay tuned! And if this is happening to you and you want more information, review the resource listed below. For now, exhale and reflect on the Angels in your life reminding you of the love and protection that surrounds you and Angels alike.

Remember THE Source, the great I AM and all that the Creator has provided for us to be well, loved, and loving expressions of God here on earth – both the seen and the unseen. Our understanding of the role of Angels should never supplant God’s power and presence at the center of our lives. Still, it is clear that God provides divine messengers in our lives for a reason. Therefore, understanding the reason and embracing the lessons Angels are sent to give us are essential in our spiritual development. We are not alone.

For more information about connecting with Angels see Doreen Virtue, Healing with the Angels

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  1. Thank you for them words they help me and alot of people that read your post.

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