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April 19, 2011

 April is the season for new life. Not only does the earth bloom beautifully for this time of year but we as people also go through a rebirth. With warm weather comes a revitalization of self. To fully rejuvenate and prepare for the hot months ahead, we must give ourselves the gift of connecting to the earth. Luckily, they’re many options.

From a Buddhist Zen garden to the countless volunteers creating vegetable gardens to feed the poor, gardens not only give us fresh nourishment but also relieve stress. The satisfaction you receive from gardens are simple. Work in the garden, reap the benefits. From fresh vegetables to beautiful flowers, a few short weeks is all it takes to create your own personal Eden.

Whether it is a small apartment balcony or a rolling landscape of property, anyone can have and work on a personal garden. Growing vegetables fresh not only cuts on costs (especially for those pricey vegetables) but consuming your personal vegetables gives your family a fresh diet and a healthier approach.

Going for brisk walks in nature not only revitalizes your health but allows you to connect with wildlife first hand. Fresh air, good exercise and a nice walking partner can become a social event with family and friends. A nice walk after supper burns those daily calories and gives you the fresh air you need after a stuffy day at the office.

Committing to a Tai chi lesson in your local park is another major exercise and stress reliever. The meditative process of Tai Chi allows participants to relax, rejuvenate and focus on the muscles in various poses. Twenty years ago, in North America the practice was virtually unheard of. Today, every major city hosts Tai Chi lessons in city parks. Excellent for all ages, this slow process helps those who are out of shape get involved in a gentle exercise. It also helps the elderly keep in top condition with the graceful movements.

With many nature filled options, this spring commit yourself to connecting to the earth that gives us so much in return. Revitalize from your winter hibernation and get back into nature.

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