LIVE: Connect by the Spirit — Discernment is the Key

LIVE! … By the Spirit™ with Kathleen E. Walls

Discernment is the Key

© 2011 Kathleen E. Walls, Psy.D.

April 18, 2011

I have noticed that connection isn’t always about “who” we are connected to but sometimes the focus is on “what” we are connected to.  Sometimes these connections are helpful and beneficial to our lives, while at other times these connections can keep us stuck and/or lead us away from our highest Divine self.  As we are Connected by the Spirit, we recognize that Discernment is the Key to clarifying these connections.

Discernment is defined as having keen perception and insight. Through our life journey, we learn and recognize that we are connected to our inner qualities, characteristics within others, interactions, and life experiences. It is through discernment that we are able to “unlock” the mystery behind our connections.  As previously noted, sometimes we are connected to qualities, characteristics, past events and relationships that need to be released because they are no longer serving a purpose and/or leading us to our greatest self.  By examining these qualities, characteristics, interactions, and experiences, we are able to discern what we are connected to as well as the lessons that we are supposed to learn from these connections.

Interestingly throughout this past week, I had several conversations that focused on people taking inventory of what they have learned from their various life experiences.  The saying is that “you live and learn” but often times it seems that people tend to “live and live” without taking time to process what they have learned.  As the conversations continued, it became evident that sometimes people have life experiences “connecting” them to tremendous life lessons but they have yet to acknowledge and apply these lessons to their life.  Thus, the lessons keep coming, although the scenarios may appear different, until they finally recognize and discern what they are supposed to learn and how they are to apply these lessons to their life.

As you continue on your life’s journey, be sure to take the time to connect to your inner qualities, the characteristics of others, your interactions, and your life experiences.  It is through discernment that we are able to recognize and highlight the qualities, characteristics, and interactions that we need to utilize, develop, strengthen, release, and/or replace.  As we continue to allow ourselves to be Connected by the Spirit, it is important to remember that Discernment is the Key.

God Bless and continue to Live By The Spirit.

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2 Responses

  1. I agree. This is a wonderful reminder to Learn…By the Spirit. I always see life as “school” and want to learn each lesson so I won’t get stuck repeating it or be left behind.

    Thanks, Dr. Kathleen, for reminding us all to live more deliberately!

  2. Wonderful post! Powerful reminder of the importance and role of a discerning spirit. The filter that protects our most authentic and vulnerable selves. Or perhaps it’s the power we use to “sift” out anything or anyone that does not support our best self.

    Way to start the week!

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