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Plug into Your Divine Power to Choose What’s Best for YOU!

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April 7, 2011

“The power of decision is my own. This day I will accept myself as what my Father’s Will created me to be.”

A Course In Miracles 152: “The power of decision is my own.”

Have you ever noticed that some people just have a knack of being able to make quick decisions (especially when it’s in their best interest) and to always get what they want?

For example, the person who asks that their meal be prepared in a certain way. Or the person who gets chilly on an airplane and asks the flight attendant to adjust the thermostat while the rest of us sit there silently (and COLD), or try to find a blanket (do they still have those on planes??) or worst of all, complain. And then there’s the person who tells the taxi cab driver the specific route to take or asks for (and gets) a raise, and the person who always seems to get an extra discount, upgrade or unpublished rate on travel just because they asked!

But perhaps the best example is the child who doesn’t “know better” and cries whenever she is unhappy or in need until her needs are met and contentment is restored.

Babies demonstrate that humans are hardwired to seek stasis (balance), well-being and the basic necessities of life (nourishment, shelter, protection, rest, play and human interaction) without giving it a second thought. Babies don’t give it a second thought because they have not yet been conditioned to believe that the “proper,” “polite” or “appropriate” thing to do is to consider another’s happiness or needs when or even before choosing whether to seek their own.

Of course, in order to get along in society and “play nicely with others” we sometimes must compromise when the good of community outweighs our individual needs (hint, hint U.S. Congress) or in personal relationships so that both parties feel their needs are being met. But when our ability to choose what is in our best interest is hampered chronically; that is, when we always put the needs of others before our own, a dangerous imbalance can arise.

That imbalance – or disconnect – from your own basic emotional, physical and spiritual well-being can have serious consequences in your ability function effectively. Deadlines, meetings, providing care for others, being on every board and serving on every committee, being over-committed and generally choosing to make everyone else’s life better, easier and more effective can be a laudable goal generally … but with devastating consequences personally.

Less time for sleep quickly translates into exhaustion. Poor dietary choices (not eating regularly, eating too much/too little) can lead eventually to unhealthy physical states and a host of ailments that inhibit your ability to function effectively. Lack of exercise, decrease in positive human interaction, increase in addictive patterns (workaholism, alcoholism, chemical dependence or whatever your “ism” is), and the absence of an authentic and regular spiritual practice … well, you get the idea. At some point, we have to decide to re-connect with our personal power to CHOOSE balance and wellness or eventually we’re no earthly good to anyone else anyway!

Eventually we must plug in and willingly re-connect to the messages our bodies and Spirit are sending about our own personal needs. And if we do not make a conscious choice and effort to do so, the choice will be made for us. Funny how messages the Universe sends often start as whispers, then get louder and louder until the Universe gets our attention.

That same intuitive spark we were born with, the same yearning and quest for stasis exhibited by babies who know they need to eat, to sleep, to enjoy positive human interaction, remains in us always. It is the divine energy of connection to God and God’s desire that we be well. Indeed, the Creator depends on our well-being so that we can truly serve God’s purpose for our lives and God’s ultimate purpose of the full expression of divine love here on Earth.

Today, determine to master the art of the resounding YES and the unapologetic NO. Pray and affirm that all decisions you make lead you on your true path and help to keep you in alignment with your divine calling and the healthy expression of your spiritual gifts.

Purposefully and willingly connect to the power that resides within you; the divine power that is always there and has indeed been within you from the moment you came into being. The choice is yours. If you feel disconnected in your life from that power, choose to re-connect right now. And choose to SHINE!

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2 Responses

  1. During a meditation i enter a white light. I felt the energy of my spirit guides and was asked to wait. I waited. I have been to this white light before and have met guides. For a few days before i had been thinking about going to there place to meet them, I had an idea in my head it would be green haven i was puzzled that i ended up in a white light. I did not feel scared or worried i just was there. I pulled back for a few moments and looked left just up ahead it was like a wide light beam shining out of the sky as i connected with it i zoomed back into it and arrived back in the light. I waited, observing an image of one of my guide for a brief moment. I continued to wait . I finally felt i needed to come back. I had the thought like it was at the front of my head, if that makes sense and then pulled myself out of the meditation. I felt quiet dizzy, very thirsty. An hour and 1/2 later… I am not sure what to make of it if anything at all

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