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GIVE … by the Spirit™ Guest Contributor — Grace Ste. Croix

Inner Strength

© 2011 Grace Ste. Croix

March 28, 2011

Are your dreams never becoming realities? Have you wanted to go to college, travel to your perfect destination, or buy your first home? Are your dreams more personal, to be secure, to be financially stable, or just simply to be happy? The dreams we have had yesterday suddenly become last year, last decade, or so long ago that we cannot remember. The dreams soon fade to fantasies. Fantasies are just that, with no inner strength, they will always be unattainable.

“Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out.” Katherine Dunham

Your inner strength can take a beating like a boxer in the middle of the ring. It feels like we are fighting against everyone; everything to just get through the day. Our dream trip or our back to college aspirations are those of the past, whereas survival each day becomes the only thing on our mind.

If you feel that you are alone, and your inner strength needs some serious shock therapy, you must surround yourself with a good support group. No family in your area? Not a lot of good friends? No problem. Volunteer at local charities or services, help the elderly, aid in literacy programs, or community clean ups. You will meet people of the like mind that will give you the support you need to find your strength. Finding your inner strength through helping others not only pushes your own self exploration, but literally strengthens you in your abilities and pursuits. After heavy lifting with a community building program budgeting for your dream trip may not be so hard!

Take the time to research your dreams and plan out your action plan like you would execute a plan to tackle a work problem. Break it into small, easy manageable pieces and conquer each step, one at a time. Learn about your dream and research ways to make it more attainable.

While helping others, your own inner strength will emerge from the shadows. Make this year your year to shine. Affirm your inner power and confidence, and your hopes will some become realities, it’s just right around the corner.

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