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Speak Out & Touch Someone

March 23, 2011

Throughout life, we have been told that words have power. They have the power to heal, harm, create, destroy, comfort, and to edify others. When I hear the phrase “reach out and touch”, I visually think of myself reaching out and holding someone’s hand.  However, through our words we have the power to “Speak Out & Touch Someone”.

During a conversation the other day, I was reminded that words are an extension of our body. Therefore, just as we are mindful of the power of touch and how we use our hands, we must be mindful of the power of our words and how we use them.  Just like our touch, our words can be soft, hard, gentle, soothing, abrasive, etc. Years ago I remember telling a story to someone and every time I recounted the aggressive parts of the story, they would bend over, take a few steps back, and make a sound effect like I had punched them in their stomach.  It was in that moment that I realized the power of words. I realized that I had to be mindful of my words because of the impact that they had on the other person.

As a teacher and clinician, I have worked with a lot of people and emphasized the importance of thinking before speaking.  I also work extensively with people and help them verify and reframe what people (family, friends, teachers, etc.) have said to them over the years.  Our words touch others in mighty ways. They affect and effect the way people feel, what they believe, and influence how one views him/herself.  Take a moment and think of a time that you or someone (teacher, mentor, family member, romantic partner, friend) has said something to you that touched you…a statement that caused a physical reaction such as taking your breath away, a feeling in the pit of your stomach, a warm rush, etc.  These types of statements are how we can “Speak Out & Touch Someone” or have been touched by someone.

The poem “Drop a Pebble in the Water” by James W. Foley highlights the impact of our words on the lives of others.

So during this month, as we are being led to Affirm by the Spirit, be mindful of how you  “Speak Out & Touch Someone” for that touch impacts them now and forever.

God Bless and continue to Live By The Spirit.

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