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March 9, 2011

Through out our time here, you will encounter many different people. Over time, an abundance of acquaintances will pass through your life. Each of them may be coworkers or neighbors, you may go to the same parties, or have children who are friends. Sometimes at particular points in life, we feel that we may have many acquaintances but hardly enough friends.

Acquaintances are wonderful to have. Whether it is for networking, or meeting another parent to have a coffee and a laugh, acquaintances are there to help with your everyday problems by offering advice or sharing in your joy during the good times. However, your friends are a completely different story.

It is easy to affirm who your friends are from your acquaintances. Your friends are around at your weakest moments, your hardest times, helping you, taking some of the load. Your acquaintances are front row centre for your good times, but when the going gets tough, your acquaintances get going.

“Best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.”

As we get older, our friends either fade to acquaintances or they become closer to us, almost like family. Since a great friend to confide in is few and far between, we must affirm the importance of our friendships. We must let our friends know that they have meant the world to us, carried us in hard times, and rejoiced with us in wonderful times. We should affirm our friendships now because we never know when we no longer have an opportunity to do so.

It is incredible when, friends are so close that they can be mistaken as family. Keeping good friends in your life is as important as keeping good family relations. Friends make us stronger, and keep us grounded. Affirm your friendships today, as we never know what tomorrow brings.

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2 Responses

  1. Grace,
    I also love the quote “Best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.” I always say “Friends are the family we choose.”

  2. Grace,
    I love the quote “best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us”. I recently had a conversation about changing friendships…so I agree it is important to acknowledge and appreciate these blessed relationships.

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