LEARN: Affirm By the Spirit — Recognizing and Birthing a Divine Idea

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Recognizing and Birthing a Divine Idea

© 2011 Jerricia J. Ulmer

March 2, 2011

Has Spirit ever spoken to you, coaxing you to do something you know is so key, so inherent to who you are or why you’re here on this earthly plane?  Have you seen the universe open up making perfect, clear paths, conspiring to ensure your success?  Is the hardest part recognizing conception of such a Divine Idea, carrying it to full term, or birthing the dream?

GOD planted a seed in me early in life, one nurtured by parents, grandparents, and the parents before them.   Then 14 months ago, on a Delta flight en route to see my sisters I love in the City of Brotherly Love, that seed embedded by the ancestors met with inspiration and a Divine Idea was conceived.  I was molding it in my mind.  It began to take shape.  And I knew I had the power to breathe life into it.  With a gestation period somewhere between that of a camel and a cow, I knew it would be big.  And GOD wants to use little old me to give birth to His Divine Idea here on Earth?   Scary and humbling.

As things go in Divine Timing, recently I was invited to a church conference entitled “In Due Season.”  Hey, I can take a hint and a half, so I went!  During the service, we were instructed – of all things – to clutch our stomachs and pray for the birthing of Divine Ideas.  People I had never met before came and laid hands on me and prayed for my birthing process.  Filled with tears and overwhelmed by the power of prayer in the room, my mind drifted to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  An obscure girl half my age GOD used to birth HIS Ultimate Divine Idea in this earth.  How frightened she must have been.  With more than her reputation on the line, she risked her life to be GOD’s handmaiden, HIS obedient servant.

In my Catholic upbringing, how I had admired Mary.  We had been taught to revere her.  I had prayed to be like her, and here was my chance.  I was relieved at the idea the Savior had already been born, so I knew it wasn’t quite so critical.  And my physical life was not at stake.  But my spiritual one was.  My ability to grow in obedience, to trust and follow HIM, and grow in closeness in my relationship with GOD.

Christian Holocaust survivor, Corrie ten Boom, who birthed the Divine Idea of saving the persecuted from imminent death, is credited with the quote “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”  What Divine Idea has been conceived in your Spirit?  Is it a book that will transform lives, a business that will bless and prosper you and others, a marriage that will merge families and break generational curses, or even a child that bring others to HIM?  You may be a pioneer in your circle or following in the footsteps of others you know.  Either way, you’re not alone.  Mary risked alienation & death in the village. Abigail wagered her safety in the household.  Esther chanced her status in the kingdom. Even Jesus himself had to submit to time in the desert for clarity and courage.

You know it’s the Appointed Time.  You know it’s Perfect Will.  Divine Intelligence courses through your veins and affirms all that you know.  Angels have been placed strategically to support and guide you.  I know it can be scary, but I’ve heard a little bit of fear is healthy; it let’s you know you’re alive!  All signs point to go!  What else is there to do but grab hold, pray, and PUUUUUUUUSH?!?!?

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4 Responses

  1. Melvin,
    Thank you for the response. I’m so glad the message touched you and spoke to your Spirit. I commend you for having an open Spirit, and I know you are moving and will contiue move in HIS Divine Will. Know that the fruit of your inspired labors will be abundant!

    May GOD continue to bless and guide you.


  2. After witnessing the birth of twins yesterday, and having given “birth” to my book and CD, there it is truly a Divine force behind it all. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Okay, okay, okay. I’ve had enough hints, words, and out-right messages.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    May God continue to bless you; to keep you; and to speak through you.

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