SPEAK: Love By the Spirit – A Poem for Love (Like An Ocean)

SPEAK! … By the Spirit™ with
Erica A. Hawthorne

A Poem for Love (Like An Ocean)

© 2011 Erica A. Hawthorne

February 25, 2011

From my centered center,
within my buried thoughts,
all that I bring to the surface
will be filled with the intention of my soul…

I am unafraid of the vulnerabilities,
unmoved by the threats or depths of the dark.

I go deeper into what I know to be my Truth.
I and the ocean meet to discuss abundance,
and how each day it learns just how much it possesses…
and I am like it, deep and filled with such potential…

So the words I speak in the day to day
become reflections of this knowing…

Gratitude rolls from my tongue like waves,
carrying with it the underneath…the deep
rushing waves of all that is good and fulfilling,
foaming up past the brink of containment,
pushing toward the shore,
reaching each and every life it touches.

Gravity and gratitude pulls with me everything
and everyone in my reach…
beckoning every shell, each sandy heart to ride the wave
along with me…

Until we are all out to sea…riding waves that
speak mostly of Love,
a lot about grateful wonder
and nothing of fear…

we are lulled by the rocking motion of life,
settled in the midst of storms…
told once that we could walk on water…
so we believe we can,
and spread our arms in bold abandon to prove it.

Our praise become like crashing waves,
echoing the great wonder that we experience…
the challenge and breadth of it all,
learning to Love and seeing ourselves as Love
speaking only with Love and loving the sound of our own voices
being carried with the wind
upon each wave,
throughout each shore…

I and the ocean meet
and I learned from listening,
that I too, like it,
am filled with such wonders…
in constant motion,
a cyclical, moving, greatness…

Full of Love…

life within me, around me, encouraged and stimulated by me,
in sync with the world around me,
guided by God’s flawless math of flow,
tide, cycles and timing…

I am Love growing…

boundless, yet tempered within my boundaries,
still limitless, deep and continuous…

He told me, if I learned to Love like this,
guided evermore by the fruits of the Spirit…
then I would truly come to know of who I am…
like the ocean…

I am limitless…
I am Love…


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